Muhammed Lawal vs Roger Gracie Fight Video Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix

The much-touted match-up between former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed Lawal and Roger Gracie ended in spectacular fashion last night (September 10 2011) on the Strike Force Grand Prix: “Barnett vs. Kharitonov” main card.

“King Mo” Lawal in the round, as the highly touted wrestler with some elite international credentials while Gracie had not only the family name, but the much-deserved reputation as the most dangerous submission fighter on the planet.

Gracie never had a chance, his elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills to present, however, and ended the night on the stiff canvas, after he laid by a huge right hand from Lawal.

So, how did it happen, and more importantly, what’s next for men?


As much as Gracie submission skills were in the hope that one factor in this fight begins, each stand and fight Lawal was very patient with his distinctive, not even to enter a three-foot radius around Gracie in the first minute.

Is striking, with absolutely no fear of Gracie, “King Mo” holding his left hand lead is extremely low, occasionally stabbing and poking ahead with a left jab, while constantly in motion. Gracie started a little frustrated that his attempts to clinch were dismissed, and he even threw a flying knee to no avail.

After more than four minutes, a feeling out process, more than made up for that purpose.

Gracie finished trying to get inside the distance with his left hand right, “King Mo” ducked forward. Their heads collided, which temporarily stuns Gracie.

Gracie leaned his head back just as Lawal threw a massive overhand right that hit him on the chin. Gracie fell backwards trying to use his hat, Lawal quickly danced around Gracie’s legs and had a thunderous right hand that the world champion jiu-jitsu player, the lights extinguished for good. Those were some incredible finishing instincts of Lawal.

Notice how even though he was injured Gracie, he simply appear upon him, refused to carefully avoid even the possibility of recovering and Gracie going to be able to work with submissions. He has simply bypassed that route completely before storing that finishing blow.

Roger Gracie, he played it a little too safe here. He was more aggressive with his attack, and especially aggressive in his attempts to get the fight on the ground would have. Sure, Lawal is a world class wrestler, but anyone who has only just standing around, “King Mo” information that he needed to get the right distance and land of huge overhand right.

There has been some murmuring that should fight Roger Gracie again, but I’m all for it. He’s still an incredibly talented finisher with his presentation and he has a crazy long time to achieve. He needs to learn only to use it a bit better in the stand-up and a better way to get the fight to the ground. He will be fine. Maybe a fight against Renato Sobral, or other mid-level light heavyweight will help him build self-confidence.

Muhammed Lawal, for that was a great performance with a highlight reel-worthy finish. He wanted to stand this fight to keep any price, and he was never threatened with a take down or even clinch a respectable attack, and he seized the opportunity and ended the fight.

Lawal wants to quit and head screws around the UFC right now, but if they give him another fight in Strikeforce at first a possible rematch with Rafael Cavalcante could be in order. Both men looked great last night and today that “King Mo” is healthy, he could earn some serious revenge to be aligned.

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