Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia – UFC 136 Fight Video

In an early candidate for fight of early evening, Leonard Garcia (01/07/15, 2-3 UFC) will face Nam Phan (16-9, 0-2 UFC) at UFC 136: Edgar vs Maynard III . This contest is the second featherweight bout the positive predictive value of the fair. Neither is listed in the U.S. Today / BE consensus score. The PPV starts at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

This fight is a rematch of a controversial 2010 fight. In this struggle, Nam Phan seemed to control the actions, while Garcia responded with savage blows. But in the end, the judges gave the fight to Garcia by split decision. The ending was so controversial that Dana White gave the bonus to win Phan anyway. He has earned a reputation as probably the worst decision in MMA history. Phan will be the right decision here, with Garcia out to prove he deserved the victory.

How do these two stack up?

Garcia: 32 years | 5’9 “| 69.5″ reach
Phan: 28 years | 5’6 “| 69″ reach

How do these two here?

Leonard Garcia is a highly divisive fighters. His fights wild, neglected the struggle has won several honors at night, with his fight crazy with “The Zombie Korean” Sung Jung Chan called the best fight of 2010 by some. He is a former contender for the title of the WEC, which is 6-6-1 in the UFC and WEC combined, but many of those fights were so close that the decision could have gone either way.

Nam Phan went into the 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter as one of the most traveled veteran and accomplished, experienced and Sengoku Strikeforce, among others. Phan Ultimate Fighter lost in the semifinals via a split decision, an increasingly controversial Michael Johnson. Since then, it’s 0-2 in the UFC with the loss of Garcia and a loss of Mike Brown. Phan is a fighter who could be doing much better, but things seem to fall his way, and we could be facing a departure from the UFC with a loss here.

Why worry?

That depends on your views on Garcia. If you like your style, then it is likely to deliver another fight crazy fun with the struggle of the possibilities of the Night. If you’re not a fan, then tune in to see Phan seek vindication for all robberies

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