18 thoughts on “Nate Diaz Vs. Josh Neer UFC Fight Night 15 Video”

  1. yea i agree..i like how neer shook his head..because i don’t know what fight the judge was watching when he scored it for neer..but yea great sportsmanship

  2. Great fight. Now what’s driving me crazy… what song did Diaz come oout to???? I think it’s a Tupac song… Does anyone know???

  3. And if nobody knows the name of it, does anyone know where I can see a video of the fight from the very beginning while he’s walking out???

  4. Neer was great, would like to see a rematch to that fight. Never made the connection until now, Corey Taylor out of Iowa same hometown as Neer = Stone Sour

  5. ok r u sure about that song?? My boyfiend doesn’t think that was the one, because he know about every song by 2Pac and he said he’s heard that lost souls song before, and when Diaz came out he didn’t recognize the song. I thought it was it, so help me out! Thanks

  6. No, thats not the song. I’m looking for it right now and cant find it anywhere. The song I heard had a riff in it that was a total ripoff of a metal song I know. Copyright infringment if only I can verify it. Can’t find it anywhere. It’s a remix for sure.

  7. hey I found that Tupac I’m a souljah remix by some dj on YouTube. I can’t post the link cuz I’m on my iPhone. Just do a search for the name and artist it’ll come up I don’t know if that’s the right one

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