3 thoughts on “Nate Quarry Vs. Pete Sell #1 UFC Video”

  1. I really ejonyed Pod cast 40 and I do thirst for UTEP news. As a person who grew up with UTEP sports, I see the problem as being one of lack of winning traditions in many of the big fan based sports like football and basketball. Intermittent winning seasons are not a real tradition of excellence for any organization. As a kid, as student, and as an adult, I attended countless sporting events…win or lose. I love everything UTEP. Now when I’m in town I attend events – alone if I have to. However, I do not think it fair to compare UTEP to the ND’s of the world with winning traditions the go back decades and have a national fan base. Compare UTEP to C-USA schools and other mid-majors like UNM or TCU. UTEP’s lack of support is not unique. Look at other mid-major schools that are the also the only game in town – same problems and issues. Yes, every once in a while a big time program will suffer through some tough times but the fans still attend games because they see winning times in the future. UTEP is not there yet. I think people of El Paso and the UTEP student body will buy into the athletic program with some consistent winning, with better marketing, and doing away with some of the silly tailgate rules as you mentioned. Good tailgating does bring the fans out! I believe the most important point you three raised was that of the athletic department needing to do a much better job of marketing their product. Bob Stull and his staff have to do whatever it takes to get the students and the community to support all events. I like your idea of the student season ticket package…I think that could work. UTEP fans somewhat support basketball because of the past and most recent success, but football has never had that kind of success in the modern days of the Sun Bowl Stadium. One or two winning seasons every ten years is not the kind of tradition the band wagon fans support. I pray daily that MP will turn it around, have a winning season, go bowling, then bring in 4 & 5 star recruits and start a real winning tradition. I believe that the way football goes so goes the rest of the athletic program. I can’t wait for UTEP football 2010 to get here. GO MINERS!!!

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