8 thoughts on “Nick Diaz Vs. Muhsin Corbbrey EliteXC Video”

  1. Nick is the man! He is on the move to get a championship. He is very good and tedious. Tenacious 3d fighter. I hope he gets a UFC title after Elite

  2. nick is very dissappointing. those last punches was barely doing anything and the ref stopped it. its kool a win is a win but i guess thats why their in elite xc instead of big timing in the ufc.

  3. :) I’m not sure what fight are you watching, it’s definitely not this fight… The Diaz bros are great fighters, they always finish their fights.

  4. How the hell are punches from mount ‘doing nothing’ it might not look like its nothing big, but trust me. They hurt, I was at a seminar with Diaz once and those ‘tiny’ shots he lands on the floor feel like a semi truck running into you. Diaz Bro’s kick ***.

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