27 thoughts on “Paulo Filho Vs. Chael Sonnen #2 WEC 36 Video”

  1. who cares about personal problems. its too bad chale couldnt teach him a lesson and make him bleed. If i were chale i wouldve tried extra hard to hurt him and done way more foot stomps when he was on his back. so lame i lost so much respect for him to show up overweight and to fight like a coward. filho sux.

  2. The only reason this shouldn’t have been a title fight was if the challenger came in overweight. What a scam, the champion knows he’s going to lose so he gets fat on purpose and then uses the rape prevention technique from the ladies self defense crash course to avoid gassing and getting hurt.

  3. Filho WAS one of the better fighters in the world, but definitely not anymore. There is something seriously wrong with him, and I don’t think he needs to worry about fighting until he gets his life in order, which could take some time.

  4. This was a super gay fight from both sides. Chael didn’t try to put him away he did just enough to get by. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with Filho he wasn’t doing a damn thing. He needs to get his mind back in order before he starts fighting again. I think if it was a title fight they would have both went way harder. It seemed like Filho was taking Chael as a coward this fight but Chael was just being smart because he would have got powned on the ground. Idk it kind of seemed like this fight was fixed but you never know. This should have definitely been a good fight but was definitely a crowd displeaser.

  5. Both sucks… Filho is too tired to fight and sonnen is too scared of filho to do somthing… Sonnen just throws these soft jabs… boring fight…

  6. I was disappointed with Chael, he was just tipping filho through the whole fight… like frank mir said if he gets more explosiveness and punching power he could be very very good!!

  7. I think its a disgrace and disrespectful to the other fighters who bust thier a@# to get where they want to be in thiis sport, (champion status). to have a title holder come in so over weight. i mean come on almost 5 pounds, did he even train? it shows no disipline as a fighter or respect for the sport.

  8. i wasted 15 minutes of my eyesite watching this match im so upset cuz ima never get it back……absolutely hands down 1 of the worst fights ive ever seen like guy said chael wasnt trying 2 put the guy away and filho god only knows wat the f*** he was doin dis was pittyful a disgrace 2 mma around the world…

  9. man what the hell was he looking at in there? only thing i 4 a could think of is he was looking for a clock to see how much longer was left, but that was freakin weird

  10. y’all are stupid.
    ws a great fight.
    sonnen is a preision striker w. wretling tdd.

    filho was succesful in avoiding too much damage.

    just not in subbing chael.

    they should never stand up fighters.

    that wouldn’y happen in the jungle.

    mma is kind of ruined thanks dana and other money grubbers

  11. sonnen is top 5 in his class.
    not sure if id say the same about mir.
    spider i a better striker better at subs though, sonnen is better on the ground (wrestling) so ….
    i’d pick spider.
    other top 5 er’s are dan henderson., franklinn lindland

  12. sonnen should have the belt.
    he beat filho fair and square.
    the fact that he fought at a weight DISADVANTAGE and still won should count even more so.
    in fact if a fighter cant make the weight he rules should be he loses a belt

  13. This patrick guy must be a troll to say stuff that stupid. Paulo was obviously on some drugs and melted his way through a 15 minute fight. I’ll video tape me and my friends one day and send it to the WEC, just for you. So you can enjoy another great “fight”.

  14. you are not a fighter and want them to fight for your entertainment – they wanna fight to win.

    this wasn’t the best filho i agree but he still would have subbed mot guys in that fight and you don’t seem to get that when a taller guy outstrikes you like sonnen who is a great wrestler with great takedown defense – for a fighter like filho the sub was the only way he could win other than a randon lucky haymaker (which is what you would have liked).
    he actually tried to bait sonnen a lot of the time by weird behaviour – watch the post fight interview – sonnen was actually confused but to his credit didn’t get impatient or suckered

  15. I agree with the concept, but not the explmaes at all. There’s a big difference between people being liked or disliked in mass, and acting as the face or heel. I would suggest that Evans and Cruz act relatively honorable, and the majority of fans still don’t like them. I would suggest that it has more to do with who they seem to have opposed, specifically Rampage and Faber, respectively. Ironically Jackson would seem to be actively trying to portray himself as the heel at times, and nonetheless fans seem to love him.You could make the case that Penn tries to play the face, but it all depends on the context. He criticizes Sherk for being a steroid user. And he criticizes GSP for the same thing as well. Is he a face, or a squeaky [whiny] wheel?Definitely there is a case that GSP tries to be the face in that he wants to be the epitome of honor. But instead of making that case you’re talking about what people think of him. Are we talking about cause or effect?The heels in the last paragraph or much better explmaes of fighters who actively try to portray themselves a specific ways, with all of them being heels.Some explmaes of faces might be Stann, Davis, Maia, perhaps Askren, and ironically Jones, whose attempts of late seem to be backfiring.

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