One thought on “Phil Baroni vs Joe Riggs Fight Video Strikeforce”

  1. BJ has a tough time with these big top 70 s guys. He has been at the top so long and has put a beatdown on many guys. Remember GSP I, Joe Daddy, Florian and Sanchez? This is just the nrtaual cycle where he is at the low point where he is now gotten the beatdown due to the law of nature and lack of complete conditioning that allows someone like Diaz and Edgar to weather early storms. I hope he re-evaluates and comes back to fight at 55 and get that title back. I’d like to see him train with the Diaz for a 55 run before he retires. Right now he has a mental battle to fight. If he wins, their is not doubt he will cycle up and beat all the 55 ers in the UFC. I am hoping, he has good counsel on how things work. No One can be at the top forever! That’s not how nature works. BJ is and will be number 1 again if he wins the mental battle.

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