10 thoughts on “Phil Baroni Vs. Yuki Kondo Pride Video”

  1. He just overwhelmed that guy.

    He should have tried to clinch or something instead of just back-peddling…. but I am not a pro so I don’t know.

  2. Lol, at asian MMA fighters. When I was a kid I always thought asians that new martial arts were tough. Watching MMA sure puts all that to shame.

  3. BJ Penn is asian, Gomi is asian, Aoki is asian, Misaki is asian, Okami is asian, Akiyama is asian, Machida is asian, and theres a few others that are ranked as top 10. Yeah most asians aren’t that great and are used as feeder, but that doesn’t mean you should classify all asians like that. There are some that are bad asses.

  4. So what if Phil beat Yuki?. Yuki is the same guy who knocked out Frank Shamrock, who in turn put Phil to sleep in Elite X. fight . Style makes war. Yuki fought Phil’s kind of war and lost . What about Cung Le who broke FRank wrist? If Phil fight Cung Le, he will get beat too because Phil’s style matched Cung Le style but Cung Le is much better at that style.

  5. I think Penn is part Korean and so is Machida, actually um, I think Machida is part Japanese not Korean. Can’t remember. If someone decides to look that up correct me please.

  6. if yuki would’ve lasted to the second round, phil “bologna” would’ve have gassed out. i dang hate it when he wins and he says ” i’m the best ” over and over again. good thing Frank putted him to sleep in elite xc.

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