Quinton “Rampage” Jackson And Juanito Ibarra Talk Rampage’s Loss Video

Quinton Rampage JacksonVideo of Rampage Jackson and his trainer Juanito Ibarra talking about Rampage’s UFC 86 loss to Forrest Griffin.

[youtube I4GJhi8bUJk Quinton "Rampage" Jackson And Juanito Ibarra Talk Rampage's Loss]

Juanito Ibarra
[youtube 3CbhiUvGwBQ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson And Juanito Ibarra Talk Rampage's Loss]

15 thoughts on “Quinton “Rampage” Jackson And Juanito Ibarra Talk Rampage’s Loss Video”

  1. I had the feeling that Rampage wasn’t ready. Wasn’t the outcome I wanted and regards to this interview. I wished he didn’t pull the race card.

  2. the reason why rampage lost is that he fought like he didnt have to do as much as forest to win just because hes the champ. this is the ufc not boxing. the ufc doesnt want champions that just counter punch and wait for the challenger to do something the whole fight, they want a fighting champion to throw some caution to the wind.

  3. There was no mention of Race by Jackson or Ibarra. Not saying that they haven’t or won’t pull the card at some point but I just don’t see it here. I think that when they actually sit down and watch the video a few times they will come to the logical and correct conclusion (even if they don’t admit it), as most sane people have, that Jackson did NOT do anywhere near enough to win, did not look sharp as the “reporter” was insisting and certainly did appear to have significant ring rust. Had Forrest sat back and rested the way that Jackson did then I can see it going to the former champ, but the reality is that Forrest was far more active, aggressive and precise. Jackson looked sluggish, and not just from leg kicks, and lacked the kind of focus and determination that we’ve seen from him in the past. On the other side of the ring it was Forrest who brought these things to the fight. Sorry to all of you boxing fans but in MMA you get points for kicks, knees, elbows, submission attempts (being active) and octagon control in addition to punches. Whether you rock someone or simply jab them the points are awarded for the successful strike just the same – just like in boxing. To everyone on Jackson’s you-know-what one true knockdown, which did not seem to hurt Forrest and ended with him gaining immediate control from the bottom anyway, and a few flurries over the course of a 5-round fight is barely enough to keep you employed in the UFC much less retain the title.

    Problem today is that too many fans want bloodbaths b/c they’re a bunch of savages themselves and don’t respect or even understand the art of MMA or of fighting in general – these are supposed to be contests of skill, focus and determination. These haters are probably the same people who got angry in the early days when all of the traditional fighting styles were being submitted by the Jiu-Jitsu specialists. They whined and cried that it wasn’t real fighting, wasn’t fair and wasn’t a legitimate fighting style. Now you can’t get by in MMA without having a well-rounded game and most fights do not result in big knockouts or bloodbaths. If it’s not “entertaining” enough for you then go watch one of those barbaric dog or cock fights – I just hope that it gets raided and you get arrested along with the promoters of such cruelty. Keep your chins up though because the way that this miserable, backwards country is going it won’t be long before we have gladiator style carnage billed as “legal” and entertaining.

    One side note WTF is up with that so-called reporter. I saw no professionalism and objectivity whatsoever with the reporter going so far as to hug Jackson and Ibarra prior to, during and after their interviews while also insisting that Jackson won the fight. Channel 2/Yahoo Sports should seriously consider giving this guy the boot and hiring someone who knows how to do the job correctly.

  4. Hate to say it but the reporter is siding with Rampage because of his skin color. There are times when saying this is incorrect and even suspect in terms of the motivation but in this case the statement is true to the fullest. You lost fair and square my brother and I really hope you don’t stoop so low as to race-bait.

  5. There are eight (8) comments before me and I honestly and sincerely agree fully with ALL 8 of those comments. It was obvious that Rampage was over-confident for this fight. Griffin fought like a champion, Rampage did not.

  6. I wanted Rampage to win but he did not do eneough, he looked jaded and didn’t take it to Forrest.
    Forrest was the busier of the two and deserved to win.

  7. so where is rampage pulling the race card because i didn’t see it??..to say that the reporter is siding with rampage because of the color of his skin is just ignorant..did anybody take in account that he might.. just might be a rampage fan???..not because of his color or anything…(so he sounds bias..just like every fan sounds bias..of there favorite fighter or whatever..when it comes to fans of fighters your never gonna get a unbiased opinion people are always gonna try and back there guy up which they should or they wouldn’t be very good fans)thats like me saying people only like forrest because he is white..sounds dumb doesn’t it..forrest won the fight fair and square hopefully we will get to see a rematch (if forrest can hold on to the belt..or if page can become the #1 contender)..page needs to forget all the boxing and get a jiu jitsu coach..

  8. for all the people asking where rampage pulled the race card, it was when he said “i know how things go, i grew up in the south”.
    I think it was on this site where i watched the fight and it cut off before it showed the decision, but i was 100% sure Forrest won and i went over to ufc.com and sure enough forrest new champ.

  9. i am gettin annoyed by a lot of these stereotypical nobs talkin bout he was using race card against judges did any of you actually see the judges they could of all been black!(for all u know)
    as for “i know how things go, i grew up in the south” he meant some u win some u lose! o ye good fight forrest defo won picked him apart like to see rematch

  10. Hey bren, what about in the north? “Some u win, and some u lose” only happens in the south? If you can’t see the race card you should take your head out of the sand. A lot of people have yet to realize it but it is your perspective that has become the stereotypical one.

  11. i thought forest looked more beat up and given time rampage woulda submitted or koed forest. but yea rampgae was slackin,, stupid southerners! :p jk

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