10 thoughts on “Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Vs. Luis Cane UFC 89 Video”

  1. Can Soko drop weight? I know that he’s got solid legs, but can he dominate another weight class if he gets a good coach?

  2. sokojou is the best 24 year old ive ever seen . best overall natural talent ive ever seen . fast strong smart . very very fast. and combos that make anderson silva look sad. but hes 24 years old hes a baby . watch this guy in 5 years HELLO . hell kill everyone at 205. if you don’t think so you r retared

  3. thats a big win for cane
    he looked very composed
    i hope they dont make him fight a slack fighter. keep sending him talent to fight

  4. He needs to change his name to SUCK-a-djou. He hasn’t done anything in the UFC. Sell your predator mask for rent money and go be a body builder.

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