Randy Couture Talks Fedor Emelianenko And UFC Video

Randy CoutureVideo of Couture discussing the July 19th Affliction fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia, his possible fight with Emelianenko, his relationship with the UFC, and more.

5 thoughts on “Randy Couture Talks Fedor Emelianenko And UFC Video”

  1. NBLD,

    That’s how business works. Couture got money, exposure, and leverage in the MMA world by fighting for the UFC. That publicity got him higher-paying sponsers, acting opportunities, and raised his market value among other MMA upstart promotions like Affliction. He exploited his time with the UFC just as much as the UFC exploited him. It’s a two-way street. If one party doesn’t offer something of worth to the other party, then they’re not going to make a deal. Do you really think Affliction is sponsoring him out of the goodness of their hearts? They’re doing it to make money off his image and his talent. The UFC did just the same thing to Couture, and Couture did it right back.

  2. Fedor is the best… I’ve watched this ish for 15 years. I think a reason for not bringing him on is it takes the mystery out of it. They will fight one day, and Fedor will win.

  3. Fedor is a good fighter, but to say he is all and all the best fighter is an over statemen to say the least. I would rather just watch the fightand see what happens….love all these “experts” that all ready THINK they know who will win matches..LOL. Come on kids, get real and shut up.

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