11 thoughts on “Randy Couture Vs. Enson Inoue VTJ 1998 Video”

  1. randy was a noob than pure rookie . only had wresaling . and over his carrer only fought the best. randy is the face of mma to me. and the greatest . win or lose agianst lesner. all i care about is fedor couture. but randy is gonna hurt lesner real bad can’t wait

  2. Randy got Sub’d by Valentin ovreem also h& he’s trash, just like Iceman said he wasn’t anything more than wrestler then, now hes a well rounded fighter…

  3. Nice to see Randy fighting back in the day.
    Man Enson looks jacked!
    The Dude is massive in this fight & that’s a quailty armbar, Rand sure would have learnt a big lesson from this one.

    Its funny when you hear people comment on a vid that’s like ten years old & try to compare the Randy of old to the Randy of today (and the randy of today hasn’t fought since the Gonzaga title defence ages ago).
    Who knows whats going to happen at UFC 91? All i can say is poor Brock is probably going to resemble Randy in this vid when it comes to experience & in MMA anything can happen on the day of the fight.

  4. Randy Couture is the most overrated fighter of all time easily……him fight Fedor r u insane?????Fedor will do the exact same thing he did 2 a much younger taller and dangerous Tim Sylvia…

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