18 thoughts on “Randy Couture Vs. Kevin Randleman UFC 28 Video”

  1. randy couture is the f ing man. better do the same thing to another big strong fast fighter …. brock lesner… this is how randy could win that fight

  2. Rex i definitely agree tht Randy was always overrated his whole career…..he is boring 2 watch and honestly who did he beat besides an overrated tim sylvia and an overrated chuck liddell so in other words at the age of 45 brock lesnar will over power him and stop the fight early because at tht age no1 can stop wht lesnar is bringing 2 the table…..ncaa all american x4 i believe

  3. Yeah he is a bit overrated, but I think Andre might lose to him because Randy would probably take it to the ground and keep it there. Fedor and Nog would probably beat him though.

  4. GJJ Brown Belt you of all people should not Brock has no technique, also you should go back to Mir v.s. Lesnar. If Randy can be on top for more then a couple of minutes and secure a position he will burn. You also have to look at the type of guy he fought last fight was Heath Herring not a guy known for the ground but randy is all around kind of guy. This is what Brock is not used too

  5. I would love to see any of you take on Randy, then maybe you could take your foot outta your mouths and stop crying about him being “boring”. Only two things boring about the UFC: Tito Ortiz and The Ultimate Fighter.

  6. I dont know man!!! Randy had a hard time getting up a little, Lesner is way bigger than Randleman. Couture is savage on the ground and against the cage, but I dont see him holding Lesner in either place. (randy should grab a limb and go for broke just like mur.)
    We could end up seeing another lesner Herring fight all over again. (I hope not but you never know)

  7. Geez Big E, I’m sure a lot of guys here would love to fight Randy, but we all have to wait for your face to become separated from his crotch. Randy sucks. He’s media hype. He ducked Nogueira, now he’s trying to duck Fedor. Lesnar will hand him his ass in a basket.

  8. Brock = a faster, stronger, 50lbs bigger, version of Randleman. We’ll see if Randy can come up with some sort of plan to take him down, but I just dont see the clinch working for Randy like it did in this fight.

  9. I agree with everyone who said Randy is over-rated.

    I would also agree that he is ducking fedor. Leaves the UFC for multiple reasons, and then once fedor runs through Tim, and the ufc has a HW belt **** up (ie 2 belts) he is hoping that he won’t have to fight Nog, and he knows that UFC will never set-up a fedor fight.

    Now Randy and Dana are trying to say the Fedor is running from the UFC HAHAHHA! The fight was so close and Randy ducked….

  10. I know Numbers don’t mean skill but… I mean what is this man 12-8, I think he is the only one in the UFC with this kind of record.

  11. Randy is not ducking Fedor. What Randy is doing is brilliant, he’s going to honor after brock his last two fights and take on Fedor. He won’t take on Fedor in the UFC, he doesn’t want them taking the money. He wants affliction to take it. He is going to get big bucks when that fight happens. I’m not particular a fan of Randy, but I know from a business stand point, he wants that money with Fedor. He dodged Nogueira though no doubt, but it could of also been just anger.

  12. Randy’s win-loss record is fairly average by top fighter standards. His fame comes from winning every fight he was supposed to lose. His record when he is the favorite or when the odds are fairly even is average at best.

    As for Fedor, the fight won’t happen in the UFC b/c Fedor has zero interest in fighting in the UFC. When you fight for the UFC you’re automatically locked into the contract if you become champion. You can only leave if you lose. They also own rights to your image. Basically, the fighter is at the whim of UFC management, yet the UFC can terminate the contract at any time for any reason.

    The TUF show was the best thing that ever happened to the UFC, not only b/c of ratings and exposure, but it gave them a medium to sign fighters who are hungry to make it big for very little and to lock them into their contracts if they become stars.

  13. Randy already ducked Fedor in Bodog, or so the rumour goes. I don’t believe he’s ducking him now per say, he’s just lookng for the biggest pay days he can get while he can get ‘em.

  14. you can knock randy ,but bottom line is he’s 5 times world champ and history shows he seems to always win the big fights by wearing his opponent down. Can he do it again? I think if he can take lenar past second round the big lummox will gas big time,We’ll see

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