7 thoughts on “Randy Couture Vs. Tony Halme UFC 13 Video”

  1. wow he beat a 3rd or 4th tier fighter in less than a min…..i could do the same especially when the dude has absolutely no ground game….he was sittin in side control he didnt even attempt 2 replace guard or even sweep another Randy overrated highlight

  2. GJJ, the thing you fail to remember is that back in 1997 there was not too many guys with a complete game. Couture quickly took the man’s back and submitted him and this guy isn’t any good, but Randy did exactly what he should do to inferior opponent. I highly doubt you could dispose of Tony Halme like Randy did, but since it looks like you are brown belt you would have took his arm with you. By the way, Randy is not overrated like you mention in every single one of his videos.

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