3 thoughts on “Renato “Babalu” Sobral Vs. Bobby Southworth Strikeforce Video”

  1. hate to see fights end by cuts but that was a huge cut. If it wasn’t stopped the first time should of been able to continue. Cant wait for the rematch Southworth looks beastly though. Great sportsmanship by both fighters.

  2. I’m a blue belt training under a Nova Uniao black belt and I’ve also tineard at the main Alliance camp over in Atlanta. I wrestled for 3 years under a top 40 in the country high school and I completely agree with Kos. Jiu Jitsu is a controlled game, Wrestling is every muscle in your entire body exploding for 6 minutes straight with no rest. The practices for jiu jitsu aren’t as harsh at the best jiu jitsu school in the world (Alliance) compared to HIGH SCHOOL wrestling at a top school. Kos’s training with Div 1 champs and world champs in wrestling must be like complete hell compared to BJJ. BJJ = little sore joints (if you tap early enough, like you’re supposed to, nothing), Wrestling = black eyes, bruises, and you look like you’ve been in a real fight. And this is from someone who did, and still does, both sports.

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