6 thoughts on “Renato “Babalu” Sobral Vs. Mike Whitehead Affliction Banned Video”

  1. I just don’t get all the f’en hype on babalu. i am sure he has one some fights in a spectacular ways. But all of his recent fights in the last couple of years have been a far cry from exciting on his part. did he even win a fight in ufc? 1 maybe….
    now he has too revert back too picking on the lesser opponents like mike whitehead, a ultimate fighter reject!!! It’s pathetic babalu gets soo much attention when they’re other fighters with far better quality and not getting the recognition they rightly deserve!!!!! DOWN WITH BABALU GET HIM OFF THE MMA CIRCUTS, HE SUCKED IN PRIDE, HE SUCKED IN UFC, AND NOW AFFLICTION… WHATS NEXT WEC?

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