Rich Franklin ‘Cyborg Soldier’ Movie Trailer (Video)

Rich Franklin shows off his acting skills in this trailer for the movie ‘Cyborg Soldier’, which is expected to be released on October 7th of this year.

14 thoughts on “Rich Franklin ‘Cyborg Soldier’ Movie Trailer (Video)”

  1. i thought it was alright like a throwback to the late 80s early 90s flicks like supersoldier, robocop, terminator, universal soldier who know the ones that werent all that great acting but pretty good action. i think i would go watch it prob only @matinee price though lol

  2. ROFL.

    “You’re going to get yourself killed!”

    “Then I’ll die.”

    “Well… yeah… that’s what I just said.”

    “Then I’ll die.”

    “Shut the **** up, you useless fucking robot!”

    // Anderson Silva lands nearby. //

    // Rich Franklin dies. //

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