25 thoughts on “Rich Franklin Vs. Matt Hamill UFC 88 Video”

  1. Who won? I really hate watching Matt Hamil fight. He gasses out then he has his big self on the other fighter tiring them out just as fast.

  2. I can’t believe how much MH left himself open in this fight and how poorly he defended. He definitely was not himself in this fight. He needs to tighten up his game and work on his standup more. Shame cause I was rooting for him too.

  3. dam i cant believe chuck got handled so easy by rasheed. think what would happen if he foght lets say bisbing another knockout. chuck’s time is done can’t go with him on this ride though. sorry yah bars closing okay rasheed reloaded. maybe black guys are like chuck’s kyrptinite he alawys loses to the black guy. i’d say let marvin eastmen the beastman get his chance next. on sherdog there was a lot of rasheed hatin going on but i’d say thats over. i think chucks over the hill or maybe he just got knocked the **** out perhaps. well one thing for sure forest won’t be keeping that belt long. he’ll be the next in line to get knocked out. he aready showed his suspect chin. and the fight with rampage was a garbagfe decision. were i come form you have to beat the champ. you can’t dance aroud for 25 minutes and win. that said dana will give chuck some easy competion next time like wandy. he can let his hands hang and not get punished for it.

  4. not a bad fight…naw..Im lying it sucked!

    Ok why are ppl talking bout randy v.s brock..wtf..haha..Brock has 1 brain cell left to spare and he’s slow as sh**. I mean Randy’s no Fedor, but he can definately tune Brock.

  5. it was a good fight, i’m glad to see most MMA fighters now adays are using they’re entire body to fight, opposed to just top half.

    E.g. box then wrestle.

    I think people are starting to learn from Anderson silva’s and Forrest Griffin’s example, you don’t need to be really powerful to win, just techniques and tactics.

    E.g. leg kicks = no take downs, and punches from ur opponents, because in order to do both properly u need power in thighs; to be light and have a spring your step.

  6. what was the substance put on the cut of rich franklin. I have never seen that used before nor have i seen anything work so well for stopping the bleeding. pretty big cut to not have dripped another drop after that weird pasty substance was put on in between rounds.

  7. either hamill didnt wanna hammer a friend or he took too many kicks and lacked the cardio – he didnt look like the predator i’ve come to expect.

    the finish was odd – liver kicks are supposed to be disorienting and have an effect that lingers a while – so ive heard.

    i have to wonder whether hamill gave his all – not that it wasnt exciting – just that i bet if it was a bisping rematch he’d have more motivation than he did in pounding out a good friend….

    great fighters – franklin is clearly no. 2 in ufc behind spider.

    we need hendo again or lindland or filho or lighter weight machida.

    205 is best ufc division

    most top HW’s elsewhere (affliction)

    LW’s WEC

  8. the finish is right, Richie gives so many punches, he’s so full of energy man…..he s been doing the combos so many times since the first round, but the punches just don’t really work on Matt Hamill. A kick to the liver can absolutely lead to an instant K.O. especailly Matt is so tired and uncomfortable, liver kick is like something super painful and the pain grows, so if you are ok then you might carry the pain with you but still being able to stand but if you are not fine, then the pain just takes you down. We can see that in the K-1 fight between Mark Hunt and Semmy Schilt.

  9. Poor muay thai technique, Hamill needs to square up and block those midlle kicks with his knees, basicallly the same movement as checking a leg kick!

  10. im sorry 2 say this i kno matt hamill is a good fighter i kno he’s deaf and all but he jus looked plain retarded out there….i mean y wood he try 2 stand up with rich. Ace is 1 of the best stand up guys in his division, hamill should’ve taken rich down and went back to his bread and butter and thats wrestling and this would have been a whole different fight!

  11. man, chuck got knocked the f*c* out, i am however not a rashad fan by any means and what was with the nipple thing? frigan weirdo, anyways i gotta say that if he gets to fight griffin for the belt that its pretty safe to say we’ll be looking at a new champ at 205, don’t even get me started on how ridiculous it is that griffin is the champ in the first place. i like the guy he’s a good fighter but yeah anyways there all garbage compared to anderson silva. can someone please explain to me what they’re thinking putting the spider up against patrick cote? patrick cote was banging with leben when they fought and we all know how easily silva walked through leben, i think he’ll do the same to cote.

  12. wtf is wrong w/ ppl? The winner is clear here but why do you fools go back to Forrest all the time? BS my ass. Even Rampage admitted that he lost that fight. His own words after the fight were that Forrest ‘whooped my ass’. Maybe you didn’t see him unable to stand up on his lead leg the several times he was debilitated but I did. Maybe you didn’t see how well the fight went OTHERWISE. That is to say that w/out the ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION of the lead leg by Forrest the fight would have come out different. The facts are that the gameplan for Griffin was well orchestrated and expertly executed. Keep Q from putting power on his strikes and remove his ability to generate power for takedowns or slams on his lead leg. Period. That’s all Rampage ever had. His strengths were taken out from beneath him and he fell. That is all. He wasn’t the best man that day. That is all. There was no robbery, the decision went the way any intelligent mma observer should have had it.

  13. To me the fight looked staged.Rich Franklin was doing girly combinations, did not even stretch out his hand and was punching somewhere into the midsection or hands of Matt Hamill. Maybe he was gasing but to me it was by far the worst fight to watch in a loooong time.

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