38 thoughts on “Roger Huerta Vs. Kenny Florian UFC 87 Video”

  1. What was up with Huerta…he didnt look right. Lack of training? focus? WTF ?

    BTW – what is the link to that live stream?

  2. Roger will be the champ when BJ retires. BJ will own Kenny when they fight. Kenny did do good against Roger but I think Roger should have won.

  3. kenny was more technical however he kept on running away from huerta. i hope he exchanged with him more. good fight though! bj penn is gonna fcuk kenny up.

  4. good fight kenny was the better of the two that fight… i expect huerta learn from his mistakes and i also expect bj penn to finish florian within 3 rounds.

  5. finally…it’s about time.

    I think that ken flo meant something else by calling huerta a bull…haha
    Yea he might be as strong and agressive as one but being as dumb as one is the reason he lost.


  7. there really wasnt a whole lot of damage done it that fight. Florian showed more skills and controlled the fight. I thought Florian would get in there and mix it up with Huerta in the stand up. But he avoided him on the feet. Huerta kept trying to close the distance and mix it up but Florian would back up. He did take Huerta down and do some damage but just an unimpressive fight for Florian. He did win the fight hands down but just not a dominant showing like i thought it would be. I have doubt in Florian that he would be able to handle Penn after that showing

  8. i guess now huert knows to never say never!!! well played by florian…(does anyone else think hes kind of an uglier version of ben stiller?)

  9. I was pulling for Huerta but Kenny just picked him apart with those kicks and he landed more strikes wich erned him points thats why i cant understand why rodger picked his hands up and looked around he should have been trying to score some points. Good luck to Kenny man hes gana need it when he fighs BJ.

  10. KENFLOW???? more like, no flo or no show, or death row, or hideaway stow, or no go, deadmeat!!! im am an amatuer fighter in a small league, but i have big dreams, and when i finally make it 10 or 20 years down the road, im going to beat you down to a pulp, your finished pal, im built like a refrigerator, my fists are like dresser drawers, my nipples are like closet nobs, my knees are like decorative rocks, your dead meat, be prepared, i wouldnt stop training… that will be all

  11. Did you guys notice how humble and doltish Kenny was? And did you notice how Roger showed no class and acted like a sore loser afterwards? He did not even want to give Kenny homage or respect thereafter.

    WHY ON EARTH are we that petrified of him that we did not catch that? He yammered off and did not even want to congratulate Florian over his good performance.

  12. roger showed no class because florian frustrated him

    everyone wants to call florian’s performance a track meet and unimpressive….but florian took ZERO damage….won the fight…and showed class afterwards

    hit and dont get hit…sounds like a good strategy to me

    if ranks were based on how entertaining a fighter is…then i guess genki sudo is the best fighter in the world…

    its called being a technical fighter using a smart, tactical approach…which is the perfect strategy when fighting a brawler such as…oh i dont know…roger huerta? keep hatin…

  13. ??? Thank You Kenny for a great display of boxing. Thanks to you from now on all will se in the UFC is guys that will run around the ring like there running a ***** marathon and stick and move. U SUCK KENNY. U great strategic technical man you. Make sure you submit a request to widen the UFC cage some more just to give you a little more room to move.

    Huerta came to fight thats what happened. And got exhausted and sick of chasing a dome *** around the ring.

  14. Oh and btw, BJ Penn is a totally different fight for Florian. Which means a totally different fight plan. I expect him to be much more aggressive with BJ. Huerta, like they pointed out, is a bull. When a bull charges you, you get outta the way. Florian was pure genius in that one. I expect the same type of intelligence against BJ.

  15. I was going for Huerta,keny kept running just scoring points with his reach Bj Penn is way better than Kenny no match.Huerta and Kenny should off been a draw for a rematch.

  16. The octagon is just too big and round for fighter evade other fighter aggression by back peddel. The other fighter really can’t do much to cut him off in the octagon.

  17. I dont know but if huerta stays with ufc he is going to be smarter. he was too confident, and thats waht killed him, and at the end he could not react in time to get a submission. he knew he was down on points, and just didnt know how to get back.

    no matter. He ma bull. pura Raza.

  18. i like roger but in this figth dont look like he says
    i really think he can do more for hes carrera i need a really good figth to belive it i want a be a champion provet

  19. Umm, does anyone in here ACTUALLY fight? I won Pa Golden Gloves and a kempo blackbelt. Kenny is a VERY highly skilled, technical fighter. Huerta was a big, dumb, SLOPPY bull. Track meet? Are you stupid? It’s called sticking and moving. Getting hit is usually BAD for you in a fight. Kenny outfought, outhought and outclassed Huerta in every way, shape and form. GREAT gameplan. Running backwards….HA. The track meet comment was as dumb a comment as I have ever seen. Sorry he didn’t stand there and slug it out. He was too busy WINNING!

  20. WOW florian ran the whole fight hes the biggest pu**Y if he woulda man’d up fought he woulda got knocked the fu*k out an patrick your a fu*kin idiot you have know clue wat your talking bout,an no doubt i would whoop your ass

  21. Haha, wow redrum. I don’t really have time for internet tough guys, so I’m not gonna respond to your “no doubt I’d whoop your ass line.” That’s the comment of a coward. Have a good day.

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