Roy Jones Jr. Comments On Dana White And Anderson Silva Video

Roy Jones Jr.Roy Jones Jr. talks about about how Dana White is being a hypocrite by wining when a boxer doesn’t want to come fight in the UFC, but when a UFC fighter wants to go box a boxer, Dana White won’t let it happen.

5 thoughts on “Roy Jones Jr. Comments On Dana White And Anderson Silva Video”

  1. RJ is right. White is a hypocrite for not allowing this to happen. He’s afraid Silva will get smoked by a real boxer, and his precious fighter will be damaged goods. Business is business…

  2. Don’t know why everyone got so heated over this. Ryan is correct fundamentally, regardless of his attitude. UFC is trying to grow into the type of organization that the NHL, or NFL, or NBA represent. In essence, the pinnacle of that sport. You wont see football players doing both the NFL and the CFL at the same time, or Hockey players doing NHL and OHL/AHL at the same time etc. The fact is, its a sports contract, and its a business. Dana has a guy sign for lets say 6 fights, if they were to let them go and play for another organization they risk a lot more then say other professional atheletes. What happens when a star like Anderson Silva gets seriously injured on another organizations time, suddenly the remainder of his fights left under that contract are not looking like a possibility. Business-wise, it could hurt the UFC if Anderson couldn’t go on to do his next three fights (which would be big grossing title matches, etc).

    The issue of Anderson vs Roy Jones in a boxing match is silly, yes Roy Jones would win. On that token however, if you threw Roy Jones into the Octagon he’d get his head knocked off too, so why talk ridiculous smack about whos better then who when these two combat sports are more unalike then not.

  3. I am in agreement with Sean sports are a business as are all things these days. Dana and the UFC are simply looking out for their profits and Silva as all fighters nowadays are a highly marketable product, I love fighting alot more than this busines sh*t but that is what makes mma so big right now everyone is being marketed. I know MMA is continuing to rise with new competition, after ufc bought pride trump and affliction arise and I would bet the organization competition is even more fierce now that they are both based in U.S. We are going to see some great cards.

  4. I think it’s quite simple, Dana White does like Roy Jones say diss boxers for not coming to fight in ufc. The problem as some of you have pointed out but only when referring to the reverse situation is boxers also are signed for a number of fights to either a promoter or a television network such as hbo. But it goes beyond that, why would a great boxer, leave boxing to fight in a different discipline and get paid a lot lot less than he’s used to. The fact is Dana White severly under pays MMA fighters who fight for UFC. They are the main draw bring in millions and you have the fighters themselfs getting paid pennies on the over all profit. Why are MMA fighters leaving UFC, exactly that reason. Dana White, talks smack about boxing, other MMA outfits, but truth be told, he is a hypocrite. Who wants others to take risks but not his fighters, not his organization at the same time, severly taking advantage of his own fighters. When he recently made fun of the vp of affliction as the t-shirt guy, what I found funny is affliction is part of a much larger designer chain, that does all types of clothing. Highly succesful, and the vp of it has succeeded in his field beyond anything Dana White ever has. Also, what’s funny, is Dana White till recently was a fan of affliction, he was always sporting Affliction t-shirts. White’s a punk.

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