Shogun Might Fight Rampage In December Video

Video of Shogun commenting that he might be fighting in December against Rampage instead of Mark Coleman.

9 thoughts on “Shogun Might Fight Rampage In December Video”

  1. alex – this fight is interesting for several reasons… 1) rampage is beleived to be a much better fighter now than he was at the time of his loss to shogun 2) we all want to see both of these guys come back with impressive performances after their surprise losses to that smart, hard working, extremely determined, but not particularly talented Forrest Griffin.

  2. Shogun was not focused in the fight, was injured, got married and did not train for Griffin’s fight. If he was 10 seconds away to finish the fight against the LHW Champion without training (and loss via desicion instead of submission)…what would happen when he gets physically and mentally ready to fight as he should be for his December fight!

    I really think Shogun will be back and stronger than ever.This is a great fight: Jackson has improved A LOT from their first fight…let’s see what happens

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