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Takeya Mizugaki Vs. Cole Escovedo Fight Video – UFC 135

Round 1 – Mizugaki changes levels and abrasions Escovedo with a left hook. Mizugaki loads and short exchanges in the clinch before releasing into the middle of the cage. Escovedo drives a shock. Mizugaki eats a knee, as he expresses Escovedo in the cage, but the fans are growing restless over the slow pace. Mizugaki Travel Escovedo in half guard before “The Apache Kid” escapes and gets up again. Escovedo jumps and tries to climb Mizugaki, for the constant triangle, but the Japanese veteran shakes it off. Mizugaki countries a solid 1-2 combination Escovedo and drives with a Thai clinch. Escovedo lands a huge arch in the clinch and Mizugaki looks shaky. Thirty seconds left. Escovedo is as patient fees Mizugaki front landing a flush before the horn will sound combination.
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