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Matt Hughes Vs. Josh Koscheck Fight Video – UFC 135

In the semi-main event of UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage, Matt Hughes (45-8, 18-6 UFC) faces Josh Koscheck (15-5, 13-5 UFC). This welterweight fight its a fight between two of the most accomplished fighters in the sport. After the USA TODAY / MMA Nation Consensus MMA Rankings, Koscheck is currently the No. 7 Welterweight in the world, with Hughes in 13th place

This struggle was to fight a late replacement for the originally planned Matt Hughes vs. Diego Sanchez. When Diego went down to injury, took his cast mate Ultimate Fighter Koscheck to take his place. On paper this looks to be a struggle of wrestlers. Hughes used his wrestling base to the welterweight champion for years as dominate, while Koscheck came into the UFC with very strong wrestling credentials. Over the years, the two men developed a complete game, with Koscheck focused on improving his hands, Hughes and his inputs. It will be interesting to see where every man wants to commit to this one.
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