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Nick Ring Vs Tim Boetsch Fight Video – UFC 135

Round 1:

Boetsch lands to engage an outer leg. Ring bounces on the outside, he kept at a distance. Ring catches a leg kick and Boetsch secures a takedown. From north-south position, landing knees to ring Boetsch shoulders. Boetsch is working his way back to his feet. Ring of circles Boetsch power of the hand. Boetsch lands a left hook eye. Ring working his jab trying to keep the fight on the outside. Boetsch tried to clinch, but ring brushed them off. Ring in his approach, but the landing shots peppering lightly in the process. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Nick Ring.

Round 2:

Circles ring on his right hand, while Boetsch stalks him in search of an opening. Front kick to the body by the ring. Boetsch countries a solid right hand ring jerked his head back. Ring pumps his jab. Boetsch closes the distance and finished with a combination of countries in the jaw. Boetcher lands a right hand ring hurt, but he was able to recover quickly and clinch. Ring but Boetsch lands a knee raises him and throws him to the canvas. Ring stands, but Boetsch is a guillotine choke. Ring flees with two minutes in the round. Working with the grounded ring strikes Boetsch. Boetsch gets up and lands an uppercut in the clinch. Boetsch began to land more frequently. Boetsch lands a slam in the final seconds and beat on a Kimura.
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