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Junior dos Santos vs Shane Carwin Fight Video – UFC 131

Junior Dos Santos Heavyweights (left) and Shane Carwin square off at the scale of today’s UFC 131 at Rogers Arena. The two will fight in the main event.

A big win expected who gets his hand raised on Saturday evening following the event between UFC 131 Main Junior dos Santos and Shane Carwin.
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Kenny Florian vs Diego Nunes UFC 131 Fight Video

If Kenny Florian his intention to appear on drop-down feather weight, he said he thought he had only one or two fights away shot of a 145-pound title.

The oddsmakers seem to be in agreement.

“Kenflo” is the -300 favorite for his upcoming featherweight debut against Diego Nunes, the place takes on the main card of UFC 131 Pay-per-view telecast this Saturday evening (June 11) in Vancouver.
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Jon Olav Einemo vs Dave Herman UFC 131 Fight Video

Historically, the UFC heavyweight division has always tedious to saturate with fresh and serious buyers. Compared to most other weight classes, the talent was scarce and scattered across the globe, and I expect the robust heavyweight roster that Scott Coker has synthesized a juicy part of the UFC’s boot.

Amidst the loud laughing about the six Strike Force heavyweights ranks in the Top Twenty, Dave Herman and Jon Olav Einemo, are also very commendable additions to the Octagon debut in their face.
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Donald Cerrone vs Vagner Rocha Fight Video UFC 131

This Saturday, Vagner Rocha increasingly short to take for an injured Mac Danzig to the former star Donald Cerrone WEC.

It has been the great experiment of the merger to see how well the less credentialed WEC fighter in the UFC would be 155 pounds shark pit tariff. Donald Cerrone was conspicuously absent from that competition. While Anthony Pettis was an immediate title shot, and thrown the former rivals have promised Cerrone Benson Henderson headfirst into the cowboy Mark Bocek was called Cole Miller and gagging from Paul Kelly. Even the much less heralded Danny Castillo was given a bigger name in Joe Stevenson. Mac Danzig would have been for this fight Cerrone. Unfortunately, a win over Vagner Rocha brings him right back where he started from.
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