The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #4 (Video)

Full video of last night’s 4th episode of The Ultimate Fighter 8.

23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #4 (Video)”

  1. Thanks for the fast upload appreciate this!
    some thoughts to share:
    NEXT EPISODE IS CRAZY we got the SPIDER in the house!
    I hope Dana pays him enough to do this because on the ESPN MMA live the reporter estimates his income of the 7 fights for sth around a million, for Seven Winning and crazy cardio fight! 1 million is just wouldn’t be enough for a man on the position of MMA right now.

  2. Great video and show.
    they should exterminate all punks from any press!
    make them pay by ostracizing them…

    humility fella’s goes along way in this sport

  3. Get rid of that bum “junie”bad 4 the sport
    makes ufc look like high school kids,not pro-fighters
    MMA has enough BS from people that don’t understand the sport
    But who am I 2 say?

  4. i hope they keep junie so he can fight and show everyone how a temper gives u a loss in professional competition. i’m also glad his punk ass friend nelson lost. team nogueira will win TUF and then nogueira will beat mir.

  5. Junie is a joke, talented but a mouth doesn’t get you anywhere. I agree with the above comment about leaving him on the show so he can get KTFO, I love to see stuff like that. lol.

    Thanks for the upload, this is my MMA site of choice 100%

  6. if junie is as good and tough as he says he is. dana white should just bump him up to fight BJ Penn. he is the most annoying one on the show. don’t get me wrong, he is very talented. i just can’t wait to see him get his ass beat. dana loves a guy who is willing to fight anybody, that way dana can make an example out of him. that way nobody else like junie will be on the show. Junie is good but can’t last against the best… like sean sherk, roger huerta, kenny florian, BJ PENN, etc.!!!

  7. Man this was the best Episode Yet! LOL!

    I watched most of this with my girlfriend & she doesn’t even follow the UFC!
    It’s a shame that Junie acts like …………. & probably is an a**h*** in real life. Regardless of how drunk he got it was amazing how well behaved/restrained the rest of the UF cast/fighters were !!!
    I think they deserve the upmost respect for having to put up with that s***!!.
    I seriously thought somenone from the light heavyweight’s, was going to destroy him.

    Hey man thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!!! MMAROOT ROCKS!!!!!!

  8. silva was making them look stupid in there when he was showing them wat to do and slow to ehhe. man that junie he has the biggest case of little guy syndrome i have ever seen if i was on that show i would be kicked out just after i knocked him out i hate people like that just drives me nuts and I give it up for the rest of the fighters i dont have as much reistraint as they do ehhe.

  9. HI all.

    I thought ufc fighters where pro’s?. don’t look like it when you see how they behave in ultimate fighter.These 2 are a shame for the rest of the fighters
    It’s not all about fighting but also about respect for each other.

  10. wow that was something. I would love it if nogeria puts him in a armbar and crack breaks the arm.

    Damm i am going for Krystoff lets show the world wat the former TKO World Heavyweight champion can do in the Lightheavy Weight division

  11. I believe all fighters deserve a chance to prove their skillz……That’s what happens when you put a bunch of fighters in a small area with cameras always runnin…good T.V…..Evan Tanner R.I.P

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