The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #6 (Video)

Full video of last night’s 6th episode of The Ultimate Fighter 8.

22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #6 (Video)”

  1. THX for the fast upload!
    It’s just obvious that Junie can’t be kicked out, this show needs him no matter people admit it or not.

    And plus, that guy Roli is just pretty weak, actually, really weak.
    I sigh deeply when I watch how he throw out those punches, and the worst, the take down.

    The take down by a BBJJ is like that!? Get a life…………

    Efran or even Shane Nelson seems much more tough for me, compare to Roli.

  2. Thanks for the vid!
    Not very impressive from both Junie & Dealgo or whatever his name was. But at least they had a good fight!

  3. junie is a joke, all talk and couldn’t back it up. If he would’ve fought an opponent a bit better, he would be gone now. he has a bad character and not that good of a fighter, pls someone get rid of him.

  4. i dont know what fight the two guys above me were watching but that was a war
    junie looked pretty damn good and delgado let it all out
    who cares about junie’s personality
    there are so many fighters with a bad personality but hell junie backed up his talk
    i cant wait to see him fight again

  5. You are crazy. This was an atrocious fight. The talent pool for TUF has fallen drastically since Season 1. I would rather watch a grappling match than this fight. Both guys looked terrible, a crappy fighter versus a crappy fighter doesn’t make it a war. For a realy war watch Chris Lytle vs Paul Taylor from Saturday.

  6. junie is gonna drop every 1 of these guys, who cares if hes trailer trash the guy has skill… plus he barely trained at all for this fight and he still put the hurt on him.

    wait and see.

  7. Junies foot work was non existant. Hope he was just tired. How the hell can you say he backed up his talk?! He struggled against a stick insect with no power and the worst take down attempts Ive seen

  8. Junie was pounding Roli… Junie may have been out of shape but he had some precision striking, even late in the fight… He’s got serious talent and he backs up his talk, not sure how anyone can reasonably dispute that… And Delgado is clearly a tough kid, he took some serious punishment… anyone disregarding this fight as garbage is clearly basing it on their predisposed dislike for Junie’s character. He did a great job, even while extremely winded… Don’t forget he had to lose 2 pounds in an hour the day before. Sure, that’s standard for these guys, but it takes a toll on anyone’s body. Raw – albeit underdeveloped – talent.

  9. Junie is exactly like a Chris Leben, just without that punch of Leben, he has a hard punch but it doesn’t seem to be the one shot KO power behind it, and where would Leben be today if he had to rely on skill? unemployed, I think Junie knows this, and is why he’s making such a fool of himself every time on the show, he’s using this show as an audition tape for any circus who needs a clown

  10. Jason, you are killing me. That had to be the first TUF fight you have seen if you thought it was good. Being tired isn’t an excuse for fighting poorly, its part of you job.

  11. junie didnt fight that bad
    he had some pretty good striking
    considering he gave up a good reach to delgado
    he was still able to sneak in the jab and those body shots were sick
    i cant wait until junie fights for real
    then we can see how good he really is

  12. Junie has some kick ass heavy hands. If he chose his opportunities better and listened to his corner he would have ended that fight in the 1st or 2nd round. I must say though, that Delgado took some wicked shots to his body and chin. Junie caught him on numerous occasions with his right hook and should have knocked him out. I do agree that the fight was poor and became boring as neither fighter seemed to really want it.

  13. Seen ‘em all, I enjoy most fights that don’t involve boring wrestling leading absolutely nowhere… which is why I liked this fight I suppose. It’s clearly all opinion and subjective… Like anything else. I’m simply defending Junie in that he fought and, in my opinion, undoubtedly dominated his opposition, in a fashion that I found rather entertaining; therefore, I find it strange to hear people commenting that the fight was somehow less than subpar… Junie landed some huge shots – the second round in particular was damn entertaining if you ask me. It shouldn’t have even gone to a third… Yet I still found the third to be a damn decent display of one sided entertainment.
    Good fight, nice job Junie.

  14. You’re kidding, right? That was incredibly pitiful. Both gassed halfway into first round. The rest of the fight was just a heated game of pitty-pat. At least Junie had an excuse. He had to cut weight. Roli just sucks it. Hard.

    And as far as Junie’s antics, I can’t imagine a more disrespectful thing to do in the company of Frank Mir, Minotauro Nogueira and Anderson Silva. Except maybe spitting directly into their faces. Frankly, I can’t continue to watch this punk pull this kind of crap week after week and get away with it. If Dana is serious about the image and integrity of the UFC as a sport, he can’t just let that crap slide. Ratings be damned, that MF’s got to go!

  15. man he only had to cut 2 lbs that is not hard.. it was only water ..junie is garbage… **** talker … no conditioning awful striking…. just like wilbnimble gots to go there are way better fighters out there than this chris leben copycat he doesn’t even look like a athlete … i hope nog chokes mir out in the first round dudes a joke


  17. how can anyone in any reality think the talent pool is less now? you have to fight your way into the house making it alot tougher and shows the better opponents who deserve to be in the house. the only thing i can think that would make it suck is the lack of prior experience some of these had, last season’s talent pretty much sucked but this one was a whole lot better. although to have a chance a the house the fighters should at least have 3 smaller fights under their belt, which would greatly help the talent selection. i really dont care for junie that much but he is interesting and entertaining to watch, the sport needs someone like him not all can be a gsp or rodrigo or silva, he may not be like as great as those guys but it brings back good ol memories of the shamrocks, pioneers of mma.

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