The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #9 (Video)

Full video of last night’s 9th episode of The Ultimate Fighter 8.

15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter 8 Episode #9 (Video)”

  1. Am I the only one that is not able to see this video ? keep gettinh a “connection problem” from megavideo. Am I too late an it was already deleted ?

  2. OK.. Suppose that you have a good chin. How stupid do you have to be in order to ask a guy who weighs 205 pounds and who professionally trains in MMA to punch your face open guard just to prove that fact?? I feel sorry for the guy… it seems that he just can’t face reality and admit that he really got completely knocked out.

  3. the set up of this season is: Nog got all the good light weight, Mir got all the good light-heavy weight.
    So Team Nog supposed to win in the next episode.

  4. WhaT! 200 times better athlete? hahahahaha he’s such a ******* prick i cant wait to see how The Minotauro Kick his ass to the ground!!

  5. Seem’s Mir is already getting practice at making excusses.
    Hope he has some ready for fight day.
    Nog is going to crush him.

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