The Ultimate Fighter 8 Preview Video

Preview for the 8th season of the Ultimate Fighter premiering on September 17th on Spike.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter 8 Preview Video”

  1. Why would you reference yourself to Hitler? Is that suppose to sound cool or something now?
    This guy needs to learn to be literate and put a sentence together, before he starts comparing himself to people like that lol.

  2. lololol omg he really said that lol he thinks he is really somethng and some kind of bad dude lol. I’m gonna love it when he gets knockout cold and sent to the hospital that would make watching that show worth it lol wat a loser lol. What does he have the right to put him self in great leaders shoes like napolean lol wat since he can beat some people up he is a god lol if he was so great he wouldnt be on the ultimate fighter he would be in ufc already making a name for himself and not trying to talk it up like he is the champ. omg i cant wait to see him get knocked or get submited like a b#tch

  3. Yeah saying your just like Hitler is going to get you fans….while my boy representing KY cracked me up with his line saying he had a better chance at getting him pregant….classic.

    Getting hyped up about the new season….Dana White says there is a dude on the show that is as bad as Anderson Sliva, in the 155 class….can’t wait.

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