12 thoughts on “Tim Sylvia Vs. Andrei Arlovski #2 UFC 59 Video”

  1. he messed up gave him to much time to get up and rdy to swing for his life should have kept on him and not let him get distance right when he stepped back is when silvia had the chance to use his reach should have stayed close.

  2. no way i disagree with u 2 ppl saying the call was early as soon as silvia had him down arlovski wasnt even doing anything to protect himself it was over.

  3. For all the noobs here thinking it was an early stoppage, just watch Arlovski’s head while Tim is pounding it…his head goes limp, and Arlovski’s out.

    And you can clearly see when Arlovski wakes up and realizes he was ktfo…

    Superb call by Herb Dean.

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