One thought on “Tito Ortiz Vs. Evan Tanner UFC 30 Video”

  1. Your absolutely right John. Your bang on! BJ did this to hmlseif. Sorry to say but its true. If BJ stuck with the mironovich bros. if would have had better cardio, period! Regardless of what he did prior to the weigh ins etc BJ’s pride is soooooo big that he thinks what he does every day is good enough. But it’s not. He needs to step up and totally change his training or better yet, train somewhre else outside his hometown. Bj’s my favorite fighter but he needs to do something to improve his cardio .period! Gassed out after one fricken round?????? C’mon man!!!!!!!! It pisses me off jus thinkin about it coz i know and we all know that he can perform at a high level when he wants to .just sayin

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