16 thoughts on “Tito Ortiz Vs. Forrest Griffin UFC 59 Video”

  1. tito wins hands down 1st rd 10 8 tito 2nd 10 9 tito 3rd 10 10 . 30 to 27 tito . forrest rocks and is way tuffer . but he does get out classed this fight. its not bad tito is a huge ***** . hes affriad to get punched . other than that he is a good fighter.

  2. Griffin got robbed!!!! 1st 10 9 Tito 2nd 9 10 Griffin 3rd 9 10 Griffin. Yes third to Griffin because Griffin was winning the stand up and also Griffin defended well from the bottom and was even landing some elbows.

  3. i agree i love a rematch and you can have a 10 10 round its a draw round . tito landed way cleaner punchs the whole fight. ex 10 9 10 9 10 10 wins 30 28 thats how a fighter gets 28 on the score card

  4. The first time I had watched this fight and man Forrest got robbed. Tito clearly won that 1st round but it wasnt enough for 10-8. Forrest clearly won the 2nd round. The 3rd round was all Forrest until Tito got that takedown with 1:30 left and even then Forrest was working harder from the bottom than Tito was from the mount and also Forrest was able to get it back to the standup and land some shots before the final bell. I scored it 29-28 Forrest in a close fight.

  5. tito is done like dinner… ******* away from getting hit….forrest fights…tito yaps.. but it was a good fight, but my say is forrest took it..I I an;t no judge…;)

  6. Forest totally got robbed. He won the 3rd round for sure. All Tito did was take him down once and he didn’t even do any damage.

  7. everyone here needs to watch this fight on mute. bonnar goldberg and rogan got it all wrong and commentators influence how we see fights. watch all the stand-up again and u’ll see that forrest landed basically nothing in the 2nd round and only even appeared to put anything behind his punches in the last minute of the round…they still were barely landing though.

    then in the third basically tito landed an equal amount, if not more, but wasnt as active with missing punches…then the takedown guarantees the round and u can hear bonnar at this point ignoring titos gnp and saying how griffins weak ass forearms are so amazing! …

    and hte first round was easily 10-8…..honestly guys re-watch it, on mute, and u’ll see it as a 30-26 decision if favour of tito

  8. i agree with adrian commentators do influence fights.. its obv that griffin is a fav. and dana white loves him just like chuck but tito whooped him with those elbows..yes griffin is good but for i HATE when ppl say tito is washed upp… how can u even say that if u say hes washed up then dana whites favorties like evans and griffin must suck bc tito had a draw and beat them so i dont get how that is washed up..cz he lost to chuck? wowww so did a lot of people i hate all the ufc fans they dont no anything and jsut go with all the new ppl n are front runners..TITO will be back and show eeveryone he is washed up not even closee



    I DO


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