Tito Ortiz Vs. Rashad Evans UFC 73 Video

Rashad EvansUFC 73 – Stacked fight video of Tito Ortiz Vs. Rashad Evans.

Ortiz opened the round with a head kick then take Rashad down slightly. Rashad tries to climb the fence, but it sucks in. Ortiz Evans continue to try to get up. Rashad is on the fence and they clinch on the fence. They separate and Rashad starts throwing wildly in the air, hoping that Tito is in his blows. Rashad looks nervous and Ortiz followed. Both move the center of the octagon and Tito lands two good leg kicks in a row. Tito goes for a takedown and a knee to follow, possibly in the groin. They clinch and both show their rings Ortiz and Rashad is behind him and pressed against the fence and under hooks. Tito manages to turn around and they end the round in the clinch.

Rashad is light on his feet, moving around his hands. Tito throws a high kick. They exchange a good jab and Ortiz country. Rashad tries a takedown, but Ortiz easily defended. They circle and exchange a little. Rashad Ortiz tried to pin the fence. Tito does not get a thai clinch but to use it. Rashad separates and almost lands an elbow. Rashad tries to clinch against the fence again, could not use. You come back in the middle of the defense and Rashad ocatagon trying to shoot and Tito. They come apart and Tito is down for the take and gets it. Rashad Evans attempted to climb the fence again and does. Rashad tries to counter and take Ortiz to the mat. He has managed to get down and Ortiz Tito Ortiz loses a point in the process for holding the fence. Tito is back on the floor is finished in a guillotine but Rashad round before Tito Ortiz can finish.

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