12 thoughts on “Travis Lutter Vs. Patrick Cote The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale Video”

  1. For Patrick’s sake I hope his upcoming fight against Silva is all stand up because Cote can take a punch alot better than he can defend takedowns and sweep

  2. holy s**t…..at least Patrick win Travis by his hotter fiance.

    how the h*** can Travis place his left leg to lock up Patrick’s left arm so easily?

  3. You guys might all get surprised…
    I think Cote’ll get submitted in the 2nd or 3rd round,
    because his ground game sucks. True that –

    But **I think he will sting or even daze Silva,
    Cote’s a REALLY tuff dude – but in this fight….

    He might be a little too tough for his own good,
    I’d hate to see the post fight interview – he aint gona look so pretty.

    Either submission in the 3rd (I doubt it, but possible 5 round decision)

  4. Lyoto looked bieggr and stronger than ever and was still light on his feet at UFC 94. Lyoto has all the tools to beat all the other top 10 light-heavyweight fighters

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