TUF Season 5 – Full Episode 9 “It Was A Brawl”

In the second quarterfinal fight Brandon Melendez (Team Pulver) takes on Gray Maynard (Team Penn). During training Brandon and Jens square off in a war of words. Gray gets a surprise visit from UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture.

One thought on “TUF Season 5 – Full Episode 9 “It Was A Brawl””

  1. I agreee 100% with you jb, he has done so much for the sport and he does deevrses to pick his last fight if he wants to, I say let him face one of these idiots talknig all the cr*p! I promise you not one of these idiots would step into the ring with him, and IF they had the guts to they too would be dropped in a second!!!! So unless you have the guts to get into the ring with Tito and show how much you don’t like him, keep your mouths shut and play your UFC games from your couch!!!!!!

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