TUF Season 9 – Full Episode 1 Bangers and Mashers

The ninth season of Ultimate Fighter begins with the format now changed to the US vs. the Uk. In the opener, sixteen fighters battle to be part of Team UK.

One thought on “TUF Season 9 – Full Episode 1 Bangers and Mashers”

  1. This was probably weittrn before Kimbo was TKO’d by Roy Nelson. But, Kimbo may comeback and win it, who knows?But, the whole Nelson fight shows what Kimbo is about. You see most fighters and they had a definite pattern to them of style, strengths, and weaknesses.Even before Kimbo fought Roy Nelson he has displayed a pattern:Style: Striker. Boxing specialist. Sprawl and Brawl.Strengths: Punching power, strength, decent strking defense.Weaknesses: Vulnerable to takedowns, advanced techniques, chin, stamina, the groundgame.So, he is basically going to be similar to this pattern his entire career. He will improve but that basic mold is already cut out for him. He will always be more of a striker than a ground fighter.Kimbo didn’t deserve a fight with Lesnar at any point before the Ultimate Fighter. He doesn’t deserve to fight Lesnar even if he comes back and wins it. He doesn’t deserve to fight Lesnar until he proves it with some quality wins in the actual UFC itself. I thought Lesnar would destroy Kimbo even before the Roy Nelson fight. I’ve seen all of Kimbo’s fights. I’ve seen all of Lesnar’s fights. Lesnar is just too much of a beast!The main difference is there backgrounds. Kimbo: A backyard bareknuckle boxer. I’ve seen all of his bareknuckle matches on the Internet. I’ve seen his loss in one of these too. His opposition, needless to say, is extremely poor in these matches. I am saying compared to top-notch athletes or even super-tough streetfighters these guys don’t rank very hight. This is mainly it for Kimbo’s background.Lesnar: A higly decorated collegiate wrestler WWE (top of the line) professional wrestler. Lesnar’s has been wrestling since elementary school. He wrestled all the way up to college. He won the NCAA. His skills in wrestling are top-notch. His professional wrestling experience shouldn’t be totally discounted either. He has gained some distinct advantages from pro-wrestling: Explosive strength, showmanship, stamina, toughness (physical mental), techniques (you haven’t seen him do a straight pro-wrestling move (yet) but he fights different from just a straight freestyle wrestler. You can see subtle moves from pro-wrestling in his style), etcetra. So, Lesnar has faced some very legitamite opponets in amateur as well as professional wrestling (even if it is faked).So, even though they have a similar amout of MMA fights and experience they aren’t in the same category. Lesnar’s background has catupulted him to the UFC heavyweight championship. Kimbo’s background has ended him in The Ultimate Fighter with a loss in his first fight there.If they ever fight, whether very soon or later on, it will probably be all the same. Lesnar will take him down. Lesnar will ground and pound him. It will be a relatively easy win for Lesnar. Kimbo’s only chance is a lucky punch KO. It is possible but very unlikely. Lesnar by TKO!

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