UFC 83 Betting Odds

UFC 83St. Pierre is once again the heavy favorite, this provides for some interesting betting opportunities. Although people are completely writing off Matt Serra, there’s still a possibility he’ll walk away with the win in this second fight, although the chances of him winning again are much lower than the first time. If he does win, people that bet money on him will make a nice profit.

Franklin Vs. Lutter is another interesting fight. A lot of people are overlooking Lutter because he hasn’t done enough to prove himself as a dominant fighter at 185lbs. Lutter is very skilled though and it won’t be an easy fight for Franklin.

There are some other great fights on the card like Michael Bisping Vs. Charles McCarthy. This will be Bisping’s first fight at 185lbs, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of shape he comes in at and if the cut effects his performance.

UFC 83 Betting Odds

Main Event

Georges St. Pierre VS. Matt Serra
Georges St. Pierre -500 Matt Serra +350

Co-Main Event

Rich Franklin -400 VS. Travis Lutter +300

More Fights

Nate Quarry -280 VS. Kalib Starnes +200
Michael Bisping -300 VS. Charles McCarthy +230
Mac Danzig -500 VS. Mark Bocek +350

*As of 04/16/2008*
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Have fun betting and don’t bet more than you can afford.

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