UFC 88 Post-Fight Press Conference Videos

The fighters from last night’s UFC 88 – Breakthrough event talk about their fights.

Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans

Rich Franklin and Matt Hamill

Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt

4 thoughts on “UFC 88 Post-Fight Press Conference Videos”

  1. chuck you should hang it up man this is a new era of fighters that sprawl and brawl style is old school, and the outcome is eatin matt and going to sleep now. Fighters are smarter and more strategical now they now your chin is glass and you fight to open. So its time to retire get a nice desk job, cause theres to many good fighters now that are just going to hand you more losses with similar results. You have lost your last 3 of 4 and the wandy fight was a fluke. Just let it go your a legend dont embarass yourself anymore than you already have.

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