UFC 89 In-Depth Preview (Video)

In-depth preview of UFC 89 – Bisping vs. Leben featuring Michael Bisping, Chris Leben, Keith Jardine and Brandon Vera.

4 thoughts on “UFC 89 In-Depth Preview (Video)”

  1. i really do hope Bisping looses..i really do hate him…he should have got a loos with mat hamill..and i hate his voice..lol

  2. I dislike Bisbing just as much as the next American but Leban is a too 1-dimensional of a fighter.

    In my eyes leban only has a punches chance, tho I will be rooting for him to win this.

  3. I’m Canadian, So the only fighters i root for genuinely are GSP,and Starnes…
    but i like this brit better than leben,only because i think when it comes down to MMA, Bisping has a bit more of an arsenal.

    Go Bisping!!!

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