UFC 91 In-Depth Preview (Video)

In-depth preview of UFC 91 featuring a main event fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar.

20 thoughts on “UFC 91 In-Depth Preview (Video)”

  1. stright up my hero . captain america the natural randy couture. will show my he is such a great champ and such a smart fighter. game plan double under hooks knees elbows draining his oppents he will scare brock in the 2nd round. when brock gets gased from using up to much energy in the 1st round. weather the storm randy weather the storm. take him into deep water and make him hurt . or make him tap early than laugh at him . RANDY WANTS FEDOR . AND THIS WIN WILL SHOW WHY HE IS GONNA GET THE FEDOR FIGHT. hes not here to lose. even though the ufc wants him to lose BROCK IS A DEAD MAN . DANNA KNOWS THIS . THATS WHY LESNER IS GETTING THIS FIGHT. TO SHOW HOW GREAT SKILL CAN DONIMANANT HUGE STRENGTH. IN BROCKS HEAD THIS IS EASY HE ONLY 220 LBS HAHAHAHAHAHA. clam and cool randy is quite ready to step to the side and take his back rear naked choke 2min in the 1st round OR ground and pound win by randy in the 3 rd

  2. WHHOOOOHHOOOO!! COUTURE VS LESNER! This is going to very fast paced and will get over 4million ppvs! I don’t know who will win, but I like the fact that they are both rounded on stand up and ground. I know fighters think he has no stand up, but the moment he gets a fist in your face, you fly back or roll over like Herring! He’s fast and too strong for any heavyweight in the UFC. Randy on the other hand has all the experience and confidence. He knows how to take down bigger fighters and have done well at it. His ground work and abilities no way count him out as well. It will be the fight of the Year I think and will earn the UFC so much darn money! F*n Dana is only laughing all the way to the Bank…….that’s the REAL Winner there!

    The UFC OWNS YOU!!

    *Randy: nods*


  3. i like both but i really hope randy one punches him that would be so funny but it cant be no lucky shot one i want to see like a straight up walk up to him bang i would pee my pants ehhe.

  4. man i cant wait for this one
    im calling in sick to work so i can see it
    i really dont mind seeing either one win
    but i mean, how can you root against randy?

  5. RANDY VS BROCK man this 1 is gone make ufc history… i cant wait i usually dont order any ufc ppv’s but i may have 2 on Nov. 15th. Brock is ****** monster he’s national champ in wrestling did wwe and got the hands the size of a damn grizzly bear randy doesnt want 2 take punches frm this him…randy tho has beaten guys bigger and “supposely” better chuck, tito, tim, gonzaga need i say more soo this gone b a good fight i cant call this 1 u got the dragon the monster n brock facing the knight, the ppls hero couture so im clueless on whos gonna win

  6. What’s so interesitng is that almost everyone believes Randy will win, but since Brock is not a common HW human so that raise some doubts.

    I think Brock is just too shinny in the MMA, everyone treats him like a super star already.
    Anyway, I wanna see Randy vs. Nogueira, that will be a good one.

  7. Thanks for the vid!
    This Vid showed nothing about either fighter’s training, coming into this fight.
    Just pure hype.
    If Randy comes in shape, he will beat Brock.
    The only thing Brock can do is Bum Rush & Ground ‘n’ Pound.
    I say Randy will have to stand with Brock inable to finish him,…… & then hey, who knows whats going to happen?
    If Randy can stand with Brock, he’ll win!

  8. 2 Qustions that Randy has answered but Brock is yet to are….

    How is your endurance?
    How is your chin?

    I look forward to finding out the answers.

  9. HEY YO BROCK!! listen man, i got one thing to say, and one thing onllly… im coming for you, its only a matter of time. You want my man Randy!!! you want em! well let me tell you something, after this fights over, win or lose, you better find a dark corner and stay there. no actually, nevermind that, i will be in every dark corner, waiting in the shadows. i dont play any games, hence-death ninja. you should see my outfit, my suits so tighht. you think just because you have a high and tight that youll be safe, well let me tell you one more thing, im bald baby, goldberg aint got nothing on me, turtle wax all day.

    ps. shellshock man, shellshock

  10. THE DIESELS COMIN FOR YA!!! My man ninjas right i got something to add though…………..im dumping a whole load of man on that high and tight of yours. I got stacks blowin black smoke straight to yo dome. Im loaded with straight rocksalt and granite, like a midnight bandit. you got six more days bro, listen for the rumble and you’ll know BIG DUMP IS COMIN FOR YA.

    TONKA, TONKA!!!!!!!!!

  11. Randy vs Brock… i cant be over opinionated abought this sport let alone this fight no . no none fighter spectatore should recycle the hype put out for the masses so all i will say is randy will win if he is not overcome by brocks srength & brock will win if he expects nothing & prepars for everything ……i dare not choose a side when a battle aproches between worriors instead i will enjoy and apreciate the gift of witnessing such biutifull violence each man will attempt to provide …

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