UFC 91 Post-Fight Press Conference (Video)

The fighters from last Saturday’s UFC 91 – Couture vs. Lesnar event talk about their fights in this post-fight press conference video.

8 thoughts on “UFC 91 Post-Fight Press Conference (Video)”

  1. Hey Dana why takes so long to get out the dvds, i think they should come out in a couple of week, not four months after, dont you think??? I love the ufc but i live in central america and here i cant see the pay per views live???? So, make it happen ok.

  2. Dana white don’t you think the fight between randy and brock was to soon to make happen and the weight was really big diffrence i mean come on Dana 220 againts 260 that fight should have never happend in the frist place but; i guess it’s all about the money me has being a ufc fan for so long i know good matches when i see one and as for randy he’s to caught up in to is business deal’s when a fighter suppost to be trainning hard like he has been.well anyway i still think that fight shouldent have happened to soon. Once again just to let the ufc know when the fighter fights make sure the weight class is pretty close not by a big margin the fight wasen’t real if you know what i mean.I think randy wasen’t really randy fighting out there you know when randy in top shape he’s a hammer.

  3. Dana is fedor aloud to fight in the ufc and if so why only now out of all this time and who would his apponit be.As for penn is that fight against GSP really going to happen or is that still up in the air and griffin who lined up for him. well let me know what going on inside the ring.Oh ya i got a question for you who do you think is going to win against paquioa and dela hoya be honest now. Well good luck with the ufc keep up the good work.

  4. Fedor competes in Sambo over in Russia, and he also likes to do other hobbys. The main reason I dont sign him is because I am scared he will completely destroy the heavyweight division. Then I will have to jump on his back and make him the new P4P best, thats what I do, I talk bad about fighters until they come into my orginization, then once they lose I just toss them out and look for the next best thing, once Brock loses I wont give a dam I will just praise the person who beats him then they will take his place. Also our contracts are 40 pages long, and when you sign you cant do nothing but fight for us, no competitions no nothing, no movies, no commercials.

  5. Dana bring Kimbo to fight Lesner. Would be the best fight of the century. Record PPV!!!!!
    After im done with Lesnar, Fedor u are next!!!

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