9 thoughts on “Urijah Faber Vs. Jeff Curran WEC 31 Video”

  1. I will take you on at anytime..I am a wrestling champ from Marsh Valley..I have studied you and am not afraid..give me a chance ..Please..I Believe I could take you according to your videos..you give way too much away..with admiration..Warren Nelson

  2. I am unknown so far..I could be known if I beat you…I have nothing more to give…save bravery…I will fight you sooner or later,,,your choice..With Respesct…Warren Nelson

  3. I will Never give up…I Will have the opportunity to fight you..just say yes and it will all be over soon

  4. Come on man…you dont remember me?? Have you become so racial??..Its me… Warren from Hawaii..you stood up for me and We were the minority,,,please tell me you remember??

  5. Yah who cares right…doesnt matter,,,you lnow who you are now..let it be…sorry.I troubled you..didnt know any other way…

  6. mezu batzuk besterik ez dira mean’t komentatu behar da, hau da. Eskerrik asko bikaina irakurrita, eta, beraz, challenging etorriko zehar gaur egun.

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