119 thoughts on “Urijah Faber Vs. Mike Brown WEC 36 Video”

  1. Euphegenia Doubtfaber is a great fighter… for me to poop on! Not only does he have an ass on his chin, he made an ass of himself…

  2. Brown go hurt from that knee really bad, He he had to be helped to walking to the locker room after the fight. If the fight had gone to the end of the round it would of been over cause Brown wouldn’t have been able to continue.

  3. Mike Brown is a force to be reckoned with. He would ******* kill Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture at the same time, then beat Anderson Silva with one leg tied behind him. He is the real deal…

  4. Thats crap he wasn’t even hitting him in the head most of the blows were catching his forarm ref sucks urijah deserved to keep going, hes the champ.

  5. LMAO. I don’t know why but that looked so funny. He was barely throwing the punch but Faber’s own momentum in trying to elbow KO’d himself.

  6. lol hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha soooooooooo awsome . faber is a little jocky jerk a$$ pound 4 pound the best my a$$

  7. How does Faber have such a good chance at beating his ass next time when he clearly got his ass beat?? What a retarded comment. He didn’t get screwed, he was being a showman and got caught. The truth is even if Faber could move up to lightweight (which he physically can’t) he couldn’t stand ground in the UFC division. Not a chance. He’s always too stupidly unorthodox. Brown just had to take his time until Faber left a dumbfounded opening, which is the same way Griffin KO’d his ass. Faber needs to work on fighting with something besides his cardio alone.

  8. ewe, i loved that. this Californian kid is a joke, only Americans believed he was “”that”” good. now he found serious competitor. The UFC dream for Urijah is over.

  9. uriah deserved to be taken down a notch after so many wins and sponsors. He tried to get crazy and spin around and Mike said not in my house. Uriah got caught and could no longer defend himself. He could not have fought on. Every hit after the one that put him on the ground loses a grip of brain cells. Do this enough and your brain gets tossed and at the point of KO you can do serious damage. One hit can take out Anderson, somone just needs to take the time to place it before they get submitted. Mike will try and hopefully do it.

  10. all you wanna be’s that think urijah is a lame fighter there is reason he had such a long fight win streak, and i doubt any of you who talk like that actualy fight, he was just being to cocky and got rocked simple as that, mike brown was the better fighter tonight and deserves the belt .

  11. some of you people are stupid, saying that brown can beat anderson silva LoL. incase you havent noticed they are about 40 lbs apart.

  12. that just ruined the whole kid yamamoto califronia kid dream fight. and his chance of makin huge dough in the ufc superfight with bj

  13. Oh and plwarrior. You need a reality check. Anderson the spider Silva would eat Mike Brown not even hungry so check your words brody give respect where deserved.

  14. Faber was pissed because Mike Brown was stronger than him. He knocked him down before he was TKO’D by Brown. Never let your anger take over you when your in a fight. Congratulations to Mike Brown. He deserves it..

  15. Wtf everyone who thinks Urijah Faber wasn’t suppose to win is F****** dumb. If you dumb a$$es didn’t notice Mike Brown was just standing there a lot of the time while Urijah Faber was punching him in the face. You should really look over the video again and get your eyes checked. Mike Brown just got a lucky punch and caught him in the right place. I admit that Mike Brown had power but he would have got dirty lickens if the fight kept going. Urijah Faber is just too fast as you can see that everyone he fights pretty much stands there and catches cracks in the face from him. Also his unorthodox fighting style keeps fighters guessing. If you really think about it everyone gets caught with from a lucky punch sometime during their career, it’s bound to happen and for Urjiah Faber it was just that time for him. When the rematch comes Mike Brown is going to get dirtys because guarantee Urijah Faber is going to go for broke and not be so cocky.

  16. That was a surprise… But i dont think anyone is giving Brown enough credit. Even teh commentators sounded dejected after Faber hit the canvas, they really shouldve stayed unbias and went nuts.

  17. Derrrrr I watched the kalifornia Kid fight— he got beat twice so he must suck and be all show. Derrrr everyone listen to me, take me seriously, Duhhh I can talk smack about the Kid after he got beat. I can say he was cocky because he did the same kind of risky move that he does every fight- and wins. Duhhh I think it’s kool when he is unorthodox and wins but Derrrr if he loses he obviously cannot fight at all. Duhhhh I sound like I know about fighting because I wathed-ted-ed the fights… I’m an armchair fighter… DERRRRRRRRRRR!

  18. Duhhhhmmmm he deserves to be taken down a lot because he wins too much! Derrr nobody likes a winner who gets sponsers!!! Listen to me I know about being a loser and Uriah has much work to do…. he should only win as much as other people can to be fair— Duhhhh it’s not fair that Uriah wins because then the other guy has to lose. Derrrrrr so he obviously, regardless of his skill and strength- deserved to lose that one on principle…. Duhhhh gObamahhhh derr duuhhhh Obama is fair too nobody should succeed. DERRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr

  19. I did not expect that fight 2 end that quickly mike brown congrats….faber is nice no dought thats y he only lost 2 fights n his career but that comment about the ass on his chin was f****** hillarious

  20. MEATSAUCE and CHEESERAVIOLOI! We need you back in the aluminum can immediately! ChefDaddy-R-D is PISSED you snuck out!

  21. I love how all of you are bashing Urijah and saying he is a bad fighter… how did he get the world title and hold it for so long if he is as bad as you say he is? How did he hold up againt Jens Pulver if he is so bad? i think you should only talk crap about him if you are prepaired to defend your words. Urijah got cocky and angry and made a stupid mistake, he will be back for that belt and when he comes back he is going to be stronger, faster, and more determined than ever… Mike Brown better be ready!

  22. haha finnaly he gets his cocky little ass laid out. hes only lost twice but thats because he fights nobodys in a terrible division in the wec which would be gone if the ufc didnt own them.

  23. yes faber will learn , and yes it was a mistake but i was about 60/40 in favor of brown before that anyway!
    these 2 have raised the bar.

    another night faber might win although brown, and faber are p4p giants up there with gsp, fedor spider.


  25. That Faver is maybe too cocky for his own good, I give you that…also I wouldn’t say he is unorthodox, his style is just not easy to decipher…but if he doesn’t get a grip and get serious, next time he’s gonna get real hurt when trying to perform that kind of maneuvers…Brown has a MF iron chin man!!

  26. Faber will be back to get that belt. I can’t wait to see the rematch, Faber will learn from his mistakes and come back even stronger. Takes one hell of a MAN to admit what Faber said after the fight. Most fighters make excuses. Props to Faber for being a MAN and giving props to Brown. I think Mike Brown needs to defend that title 5 times before everybody here can say that he is top dog or whatever. You aren’t a champ until you defend the belt. Brown is a good fighter, I just don’t think he is that good to be getting that much hype as everybody here is giving him. I’m not a Faber nut hugger, Just stating the facts.

  27. No, you’re a champ when you TAKE the title from a much-hyped, ass-chinned clown in 2:21

    Mike Brown is the future…

  28. He may of got caught with a good smash to the face and he got a little cocky should of done things different,but i bet he will not fight like that again. That is how we all learn. Semper Fi my friend.

  29. yeah, Faber lost fair and square, but if you were watching it live, Brown had to be escorted out because his ribs were so busted up from that knee urijah hit him with.

  30. he got beat, it happens… but for some of u to sit here and say he sucks and he deserved it is ridiculous… why exactly did he deserve it? and i dont wanna hear cuz he’s a prick or cuz he’s cocky… he don’t talk as much **** as half tha fighters in mma today… but all tha greats have been beat… look at every ufc champ today, all have belmishes on their records… if tha fight would have went to tha second round, faber would have won because brown was in alot of pain and appeared he mite have broken a rib… but he lost, it happens, still a huge fan of his, he’ll be back…. hats of to mike mayhem brown lol

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if next time you saw Faber, he didn’t have that a$$ on his chin anymore, cause I’m pretty sure Mike smacked it right the FU(K off his face. Maybe it would have turned out different if Faber had spent a little more time training, and not so much time in the tanning booth.

  32. I dont know how you can say Mike Brown was not rockin him on the ground and it was an unfair stoppage almost all the shots if not all the shots were hittin him and they were hittin him hard. GO MIKE BROWN!!!!!!!!! I do like how Faber showed good sportsmanship but why didnt he help put the belt on Mike Brown? Every other champion that has lost has. Why didnt he?

  33. Come on now how did Urijah win the gladiator challenge, the king of the cage, and wec belts if he is really that bad?!?!? its ridiculous how you people dont like him just cuz he was cocky… he got caught while pulling a move that should not have been thrown.. he was careless.. just like he said… you guys say he’s garbage i would love to see any of you step in the cage with him and say that after 30 SECONDS of going toe to toe…

  34. I wonder why Faber didn’t roll. He laid there and put his hand against his head and didn’t do much to prevent Brown’s punches. He was hurt by the right hand but I believe he recovered quickly but didn’t do much after. Weak fight, in my opinion.

  35. uh i weight 190 and i’ve been doing kickboxing and bjj(entirely separate) for 3 years the idea of me going into the ring with Faber is laughable since I have about half a foots reach and twice as much strength as him.

  36. Then explain what the **** happened at 3:50 lol. I know fifteen year old’s who could take that guy. Some of the worst stand up you’ll ever see.

  37. oh actually its 3:37 when he… haha…. just backs up covering up into the corner. At that one moment I knew he had 0 chance in this fight.

  38. Damn it really was a dumb move out of anger,
    but i don’t think Brown will hold the belt for too long.
    If they had a rematch faber would probably win.. he was just a lil too cocky.
    Did you see how easily he jabbed him?and that knee was pretty nice. If he would’ve been calm and collect it would’ve been all good (for him).

  39. Hey sparky, Im 6’4″ 200lbs. I dont know about Faber, but Im pretty sure I could handle you and your mama toe to toe. Alright, that was messed up. Sorry about the whole mama thing. Buxton, Me

  40. chin joke lol
    mike browns whole face looks like the inside of an ass.
    hence the last name “brown”.


  41. I went to this event. Lets first start off by saying that these fighters went through a lot. Rescheduling and champions not making weight! Urijah Faber is still an amazing fighter. For those of you that are saying that he is a half ass fighter, that is crap. Yes it was a big mistake. He went for some flashy **** and he paid for it. But also remember this, Urijah has been on top for so long that lack of motivation can occur. Urijah started his career immediately as a pro. He was on a 13 fight win streak. He could have been even a better fighter had his career been nurtured a bit more. This is good though, Faber will be back with a vengeance! Mad props to Mike Brown. He is from my home town and he definitely deserved this. He also said that he really wants to prove himself as the newfound champion, and after seeing the BADBOY knock the f*** out of Mr. Pulver, it should make for some interesting future WEC fights!

  42. He would never even have a chance against anderson silva first of anderson is more then just 40 pounds heavier he walks around at like 230. And fabor doesnt have new as much skill as anderson silva does.

  43. heyy MMAJUNKIE or stevo why dont you come to the naga tourny in dallas on dec 6th and say that to me face or better yet come see me fight in san antonio in feb prolly some over weight man who isnt eveen suited to hold my jock strap let alone step in a cage with me

  44. Tough way to go down,he tried a blind shot elbow and got clocked.Faber needs to be more patient and less cocky.But two and a half year run is awesome I can’t wait for the rematch…

    Brown fought a smart fight and landed a nice right hook to stun him and pounded him into oblivion.

    Great win for Brown,bitter loss for Faber!!

  45. First and foremost….John….Urijah would rape you. That is why he is in the WEC and you are not. Second of all, Mistakes happen, people get over confident and they get caught. GSP vs Serra? anyone remember that? I would like anyone to say GSP is a terrible fighter, especially this john character….you would look like a pizza that has been topped one to many pepperoni’s. Faber will win his title back and brown will short live his title glory. For more ravs and rants visit tosports.ca

  46. Why are you people hating on urijah.?.. He is a great fighter, he went for something and he payed for it. Saying that he is garbage just proves that your stupid, he is far from garbage. Now we got brown which looked great in this fight to. All respect to him for the win.

  47. I’d punch Faber’s face off. He used supplement sponsor $$$ to get plastic surgery on his chin cause he jerks off to pictures of John Travolta. This is cheeseravioli and I approve this message…

  48. Mike Brown’s original strategy was to military press Faber and throw him out of the cage into the 4th row but his manager advised against it. UFC 97 main event is Faber vs. Chyna…

  49. All of you people calling Faber a lousey fighter are idiots! Pretty easy to sit your fat a$$es behind your computer and say what you woulda done. Tell me one fighter to ever fight mma that hasn’t lost. 21-2 isn’t a bad record and i’d be willing to bet he’ll have his belt soon enough. Now he’s no BJ Penn but he’s the best the WEC has. So go play your xbox’s and stop pretending like you know what you’re talkin about.

  50. cheeseravioli my friend…..you are fu**ing retarded to even think brown would be on the same level as coutoure or lesnar for one….and two anyone can get lucky and land a shot like that…..if they fight again it will be a different story and fabre will destroy him

  51. Luck? Yeah whatever. Luck=Preperation+Oppurtunity. Brown went in calm, cool and collected. Faber was his typically cocky self. he tried being smooth and got knocked down a notch. Glad to see it happen. Hopefully a rematch will happen and he will loose again.

  52. Cheeseraviolli-You might be the dumbest fa88ot on here. Stating that someone in a featherweight class could go to the UFC and take out a heavyweight literally double his weight (+150 lbs) made you look incredibly retarded. Im amazed you can type. Urijah Faber got caught, he is a better fighter than Mike Brown as we saw in the 1st fight. He will win the rematch

  53. Obviously faber is not that horrible of a fighter, his record speaks for itself.
    If any one of you sh@# talking d… bags, went 1 round with this guy you would be embarrassed.
    some one is on top for a while and looses one and you guys jump all over his style, I dont think its caused him too much trouble thusfar in his carreer. you win some you lose some. It could have gone either way, (just like any other fight).

  54. redman 7134 !!
    Finally, someone who know’s what their talking about!!
    cheeseravioli !!
    Got to be THE DUMBEST SON OF A B**** to ever leave a comment!!

  55. lol am I the only who thinks his boxing/kickboxing is sub amateur? This guy wouldn’t last 1 round in a k-1 rules match, hes afraid of getting hit as shown at 3:37. Its obvious hes never fought in any kickboxing bouts, only mma, which explains why his stand up is so horrible. You have to separate your training into just kickboxing, and just no gi submission wrestling if you want to become superb at both. Faber clearly is not superb at striking and he -clearly- is not superb at his ground game. I think we probably all know a few people who could kick the **** out of him.

    Also if you think that because someone is a title holder or in the WEC or UFC they must be good; then i’d direct you to Tim Sylvia, flat out a horrible fighter who was the UFC champ.

  56. Agreed with john brock but this is why faber’s not fighting k-1. K-1 is the all around badest of the bad, and everyone in mma knows it. Ex: Fedor Emanlinko, baddest man walking

  57. Wow it is incredible how stupid some of you people are about MMA. First off probably 95% of you haven’t trained one second in a real gym, or with a decent team. So how inth heck can you even pretend to know what your fat couch potatoe a$$ is talking about. Urijah was and still is the greatest fighter at 145. You see, that’s the great thing about MMA anything can happen on given night, ie; Gonzaga/Cro Cop, Serra/Pierre, Evans/Liddel,Griffin/Jardine,Aouki/Hansen, and the list goes on. Oh and as for you cheesedumba$$oli. tThats why the have weight classes. The heavyweights would literally kill the smaller guys. But I’d be willing to bet the toughest fight you’ve ever had was pulling your head out of you butt. If not, well, I guess we’ll be seeing you fight for a title soon . I bet not.

  58. Any one who thinks that Urijah Faber is a nothing and think that Mike Brown is the best is stupid because if you guys are saying that Urijah Faber is a nothing then that doesn’t prove that Mike Brown is a good fighter. I’m not saying that I agree that Urijah Faber isn’t the best fighter in 145 because I think he is the best in that weight class hands down. Btw John Brock I want to see you step into a cage with Urijah Faber and go a 5 minute round with him. Although you out weigh him by 45lbs, and have a huge reach advantage he’s so fast your reach advantage wouldn’t even matter. Also John Brock you have been practicing BJJ and Kick boxing for 3 years that’s not that long. BJ Penn gave Urijah Faber big props with his ground capability and stand up and if you didn’t know BJ Penn was the First non-brazilian to win at worlds in Jiu Jitsu. I live in Hawaii and BJ Penn is my friends cousin so I would know what he said to Urijah Faber when Urijah came down to Hawaii to help BJ Penn train for his fight against Sean Sherk. The only reason BJ Penn asked Urijah Faber to come down to Hawaii is because he knows that Urijah Faber is one of the best in the business (MMA) Btw if you do ever happen to step into a cage and go up and up with Urijah Faber (which would be a very shocking surprise) I would bet my life savings on Urijah Faber. You know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall.



  60. There’s no denying Faber has talent. He definetly did jump back up remarkably quickly when he was taken down, but being able to bounce back up means nothing if you aren’t at a pro level of stand up. As far as his ground game is concerned i’ve yet to see him show true dominance on the ground josh barnett/bj penn style. Too many mma fighters spend all their time working on the easiest aspect of the game IE ground and pound and don’t have advanced submission skills.

  61. All you Uriah Haters Are just seeking victory at his only Second loss. His record still on track with Silvas. See peeps need to see victory over defeat. Uriah wins until Mike no name Brown gets the spotlight like the rest of the champs. LMAO No way No name Mike Brown gonna defend that belt as much as Uriah has or the rest. Untill then. . U try it yourself. Quite an accomplishment I could emagine. . . G

  62. Faber is a spazz…always has been. Relying on athletics and no technique- Its good for a season, but what happens when you cant spazz…. your done. A true fighter gets better with age, because of the technique, period. You CANT compare his record with someone like Anderson Silva- Faber fights in (6th grade)kid weight, Anderson’s in man weight. Plus Anderson has technique. Skill.

  63. chiconky you need to get your facts straight. evans would whoop liddel again and it is ridiculous that you think griffin over jardine was an upset. do you think silva over jardine was an upset too?jardine blows and liddel is just getting old, face it. you need some better examples….

  64. as for faber, you cant take anything away from him but he is still hadnt fought anyone credible until his last 2 fights. in my eyes thats where his record counts and he is 1-1 from that point.

  65. Urijah is a good fighter, but for him to be considered the pound for pound best, or being discussed when he’s fighting in a peewee league was obsurd, Champion of peewee league does not mean too much. The only fighter I’m aware of him fighting that was worth anything was Pulver, but the verdict is out on what Pulver had left. He’s an older fighter who had gone thru some wars. And it’s no like Urijah dominated him. Those defending Urijah claiming he would win the rematch or Brown was close too being stopped, are foolish. Urijah up in till the time he was finished had been scammering around, pushed up against the cage, taken down once, and Brown showed no signs of injury as he tee’d of on Urijah. Hope Urijah, comes back trains properly and quits doing some but not all his unusual striking. There are some offensive moves that work for him and he’s capable of pulling off. But he’s no Anderson Silva, some of them just put him in jeopardy of being countered.

  66. You guys are all GAY Urijah Faber is still the best his just caught a bad break I Guarantee That if they fight again it will go the other way.

  67. everyones a ******* hippocrate. sure Brown’san experienced, strong fighter but come a rematch with all the press Faber wouldn’t make a mistake like that. Faber would beat his ass no ******* doubt about it.

  68. in my opinion the fights the classic slugger v.s boxer fighting styles expect with mma of course. urijahs deffinetely a more complex fighter though his athletic ability allows people to question his actual skill (in my opinion it shouldn’t be questioned) everyone gets caught in mma it happens. Not to take anything away from mike brown he did what he hoped to, and it very well could happen again in a rematch, thats what makes the sport intersting. I just wish the weight class from what ive witnessed was as advanced as the sport has become.

  69. thats what happens when you dont take care of buiness you got to be in control when you take a chance like that poor show urijah funny how close to vagina that sounds like

  70. Everybody who thinks Faber is a joke yall are a bunch of assholes because he is a good fighter he just got cot with a good hit and i admit that he shouldn’t have thrown that elbow but you cant say he sucks cause look at how long he has had that belt

  71. this loss is to faber’s advantage, it gonna make him a better champ. shouldnt ever count faber out of ****, he’s young, he’s cocky, and he’s one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

  72. @dohertyz The crowd wasn’t ralely quiet. Your just use to hearing cheers in the small arenas. UFC 129 was in a stadium so all the noise just goes up to the roof.

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