Wanderlei Silva Recent Training Session with Rafael Alejarra (Video)

Wanderlei Silva shows us his recent strength and conditioning training (snorkel included) in this video.

14 thoughts on “Wanderlei Silva Recent Training Session with Rafael Alejarra (Video)”

  1. Lets just get this thing clear real quick… this fight will NOT end in a submission! It just doesn’t happen with the heavyweights(excluding mir/nog).

    Sooo… UD or KO… What do you think?

  2. first off alex wandy is not a heavyweight he is a light heavyweight(205lbs). As far as the result of the fight goes I see wanderlei adding more footage to his high light reals here, his past two fights against jackson he ended in brutal fashion.

  3. I don’t think… I KNOW Silva is gonna beat Jackson……Jackson might have learned a thing or two from the past but Silva will eventually take the win via KO, TKO in the 2nd round.

  4. with the hot streak that wanderlei has been on its a major possibility that he will win but also since rampage has gotten a L on his stats im pretty sure he doesnt want another and this is definitely the pride reunion match that rampage wants. so either ways its going to be a good fight. good luck to them both and I hope its not a lethargic and slow fight.

  5. I don’t think Boxing is enough for Rampage to handle Wanderlei…hopefully he’s doing something creative and constructive.

  6. It’s a shame Rampage has to lose three times to this guy. I just hope Rampage isn’t fat and sloppy like he did against forest and lasts more than 1 round.

  7. I hate to say it, but IMO wandy got R/page’s #… Just like R/page has Chuck liddel’s #, ..

    Rampage just does not have the technique that wandy has, and rampage has become primarily a boxer in the ring!!!!
    Why I don’t know because he has all the capability to do anything but he chooses not to. I hope Rampage can get back to great fighting form and become a great champ again and live up to the potential he has!

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