Wanderlei Silva Talks Rampage, Liddell, And UFC 87 Video

Video of the Axe Murderer talking about a potential 3rd rematch with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a 2nd rematch with Chuck Liddell, and his thoughts on UFC 87.

6 thoughts on “Wanderlei Silva Talks Rampage, Liddell, And UFC 87 Video”

  1. yeah i agree with Mr Hillgrove, wanderlei is my favourite fighters of all time i say it all the time, i like his spirit, i like when he s confident like that, and his style friggin rocks, i love his agresivity. Good luck wandy

  2. WAR ENGLAND LOL, wand is a warrior and i think now hes got over his octagon jitters he would get the win over chuck, and as for rampage fightin him again lol funny, the rampage that beat chuck and defended against henderson is a lot diff to the one we see now i reckon, hes quite sh*te to be fair

  3. Rampage aint no different just cuz he got a ****** decision against him…he will be back in force, I still think WAND will beat his *** though.

  4. I love that vanderlei is suck a respecful man he is my hero and i love that he now in th North Amrica Wandy willmurder Quinton… then he will make a joke out of either forrest or rashad

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