19 thoughts on “Wanderlei Silva Vs. Mark Hunt Pride Video”

  1. When people say that MMA is not like boxing in regards to polictics…idiots!!! This is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Even Hunt was like…”Ehhhh??”

  2. Thanks for the vid!! Cool fight!! I didn’t get to see the whole fight before.
    “THE ATOMIC BUTT DROP” Lol!! Randy’s a crack up. Can’t say i’ve seen that guard pass before. Man 275 pounds is like superheavy weight ( or 10lbs over the UFC heavy weight ) & 203 is lightheavy weight. PRIDE was crazy with their match up’s back in the day. Former K-1 Grand Prix Champ Mark takes this fight with three days noitce!
    Mark’s a kickboxer, i gotta say he did well against one of the best MMA fighters the world has ever seen. The second round seems like a bit of a joke. After Wandy was rocked they reposition. After Mark force’s the stand up Wandy takes the full mount & fair enough because their both tired just sits there (clearing the cobwebs). Why then does the ref reposition them AGAIN instead of standing them up? I gotta say i don’t think i’ve ever seen Silva being hunted in the standup before. Finally what can you say? PRIDE Judges, who know’s what their thinking? I think they have a love affair with heavyweights or something Lol!

  3. for all u morons they fought twice and guess wat hunt won again so he didnt get lucky and he won this fight cause he was the aggressor and silva never did much for ground work but mostly cause hunt was the aggressor.

  4. wats wrong with heavyweights in all pro fighting wat weight class is the most celibrated its the heavweight from boxing u got ali. joe frazier , foremen ect list goes on and mma u got your coutier, silva, hunt, fedor ect list still goes on k-1, kickboxing, i can go on forever and i know the lower weight classes have there greats but the poster boys for the sport and most talked about has always been the heavyweights.

  5. Silva won. Even if the judges were blind they should have given it Silva just because he was the much smaller fighter and Hunt was unable to finish him.

  6. bad discision i argee. have you ever seen bas rutten vs kevin raddelmen thats even more sad than this one. bas wins . but kevin controled the whole fight. and wanderlie wins this fight to . huntt did looked shocked

  7. this is to the anonynmous retard that said they fought twice no THEY DID NOT RETARD this was the only time google wanderlie silva or mark hunt and see the records they fight once . 1time thats it. don’t make sh%t up silva won

  8. hunt won…if you can’t match sb that much heavier…then don’t accept the fight.
    if it was a street match hunt would also have won. so shut up.

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