11 thoughts on “Wanderlei Silva Vs. Yuki Kondo Pride Video”

  1. Silva’s gonna need to mix up his bag o’ tricks if he wants to beat the well-rounded LHWs at top-level, such as Evans and Griffin. We’ll see…hopefully :/

  2. Explain yourself then..Let’s see, so far he has two highlight reel KO’s along with great takedowns (Bisping..Ortiz fights ring a bell??) and always able to adapt to opponents timing exceptionally. So..what say ye??

  3. When’s the last time you saw him submit someone? He usually wins by a good KO or a boring decision. So no I’d have to say he’s not well rounded or good at finishing unless he gets that satellite guided strike right on the button.

  4. God, people are so picky. Everyone cries about a fighter when they don’t have a win in every aspect. When was the last time you saw Chuck Liddell submit someone?? Yet everyone says he’s well rounded with his strikes, submission ad takedown defense. I gave three legitimate reasons Rashad Evans is well-rounded. If you’re gonna get nit-picky and try to bring down a fighter b/c he hasn’t submitted anyone than you are just another one of the legions of keyboard losers that wastes time blowing smoke up people’s a**holes. Go back to Sherdog. Rashad “He Hate Me” Evans is a fantasitic well-rounded fighter and will be the LHW champ.

  5. @ big E……. dude u are an idiot…. there is no such thing as “well rounded with strikes”….. well rounded means you are good in both stand up and ground game which is the essence of MMA…hence the word MIX MARTIAL ARTS!!!

  6. chuck liddel sucks. hes out of shape and gets gassed walking in circles. but i really do miss pride and how weight doesnt matter. if ufc was like pride imagine all the possibilities such as gsp vs. anderson silva, penn vs silva, etc…. .. you know what i really would like to see pride commentator frank trigg shut ufcs commentator joe rogan the fluck up!! That idiot criticizes and talks too much for a nobody

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