Win $600 In Cash By Fantasy Betting On UFC 86

UFC, a UFC/MMA fantasy betting site, is giving away $1000 in cash prizes to the top 3 people who rack up the most fantasy betting points for UFC 86. The first place winner will get $600, the second place winner will get $300, and the third place winner will get $100.

Winners will be chosen based on highest number of points obtained at the end of the event. You get points each time you predict the correct winner of a fight, the round he wins in, and the way he wins in. Predicting the correct winner of a fight will get you 5 points and predicting the correct ending round and the way a fight ends will both get you 3 extra points.

You can also move fights up and down based on importance and certainty. For example, if you’re betting on a 10 fight card, predicting your top fight correct will get you 10 extra bonus points all the way down to 1 extra bonus point for predicting your last fight correct.

Go to the UFC 86 fight card to see the complete list of fights and make your predictions!

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