Word Association With Dana White Video

Video of Dana White sharing his thoughts on Fedor Emelianenko, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and more.

(Photo credit: MMA Weekly)

[youtube XTFvtnw1idI Word Association With Dana White]

9 thoughts on “Word Association With Dana White Video”

  1. joshua s right, dana doesn t even seem convinced when he says fedor s overrated, he just wants him to fight in the ufc but it s not gonna happen and even if fedor beat randy anderson silva gsp and forrest griffin all simultaneously he still would say fedor s overrated.

  2. Dana White doesn’t care about the sport, he cares about money. Money, money and money.
    If he really would’ve cared for the sport, the Randy vs Fedor fight would’ve already happened.
    What the UFC does to fighters with their contracts is just terrible.

  3. How does a little prick like Dana survive publicly insulting pro fighters? The problem is guys like Tito are too busy trying to be famous celebrities, professional athletes and respectable ctizens to do everybody a favor. Take one for the team by beating Dana to death and doing a few years in the joint. We don’t have the “fighters” we used to unfortunately, where are the Mike Tysons and Davey Hiltons of MMA? I’m Canadian so douchebag is right about one thing,lol

  4. Sylvia got destroyed like never before. The whole MMA world watched that fight, including Dana and witnessed the affirmation of the emperor’s legacy. In fact, the night should have been named Affliction Affirmation !!!

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