18 thoughts on “Yoshiyuki Yoshida Vs. Jon Koppenhaver UFC 84 Video”

  1. sorry but the asian invasion is not happening, this is what happens when a lousy fighter meets some one with a “little” bit more skill :( sorry asians but its not happening unless an asian can beat Jon Fitch or GSP, Noguera, Penn, or Rampage

  2. South Korea never dominated anything other than archery and kimchi….oh yeah, and getting beat by Japan.

  3. sorry but asians may win the welter or light weight but the day we get an asian light heavy weight or heavy weight will be the day you can get away with retarted statments like “asian invasion”

  4. Wow, stfu you guys. Who cares about what ethnicity people are. And besides, Penn is part asian. Also, Lyoto Machida is part Japanese and he may one day become champ. So please don’t say sh*t about how any ethnicity is better or worse.

  5. pay no atention Im just drunk………ethnicity has nothing to do with balls, technique and dedication…..peace out!!!

  6. haha. No one can beat GSP and he’s French.. You rednecks must be pissed that some Frenchie destroyed Matt Hughes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. GSP isn’t french you moron, he’s canadian, french canadian simply means that they speak french
    that’s like saying some mexican is spanish simply because they speak the language (slaughter the language is more like it)

  8. I’m Asian, and I’m sorry to say that the Asian invasion will be far from coming in MMA. I mean, I hope to see it, but the best fighters out there are not Asians. I guess BJ is the closest one. Brandon Vera represents for the Pinoys, but he doesn’t domintae like a Pacquiao. I hope he beats Verdum though!

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